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Hello, I will reach Myanmar and at Yangon Airport I want to change more money than I need. But I like to be quiet with money. Here you will find the current US Dollar Myanmar Kyat exchange rate and access to our USD MMK converter, charts, historical data, news and more. You don't have to bring thousands of dollars! In the country you will use a mixture of US dollars and Myanmar Kyat.

Converting USD/USD. The United States Dollar to The United States Dollar

We have ranked the most favoured US dollar spot market in terms of USD/EUR. Our monetary ranking shows that the most favored US dollar parity is the USD/EUR parity.

There is a dollar exchange rate key for dollars, and the exchange rate sign is $.

Highest US dollar price at 1,323 Ts

On 19 November, the US dollar peaked at Ts 1,323 per US dollar, after having reached a 14-year high on the world markets on 18 November. For the last 10 successive trading hours, the dollar has risen in the domestic currency markets at Ts1.293 on 10 November, Ts1.299 on 11 November, Ts1.302 on 12 and 13 November, Ts1.306 on 14 and 15 November, Ts1.310 on 16 November, Ts1.316 on 17 November and Ts1.322 on 18 November.

It opened at Ks1.321 and ended November 19 with two CYats. The Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) fixed the currency at Ts1.292 on 18 November and increased it from 27 October to 15 November to Ts1.285 per US dollar, on 16 November to Ts1.287 and on 17 November to Ts1.290.

This increase in the US dollar was due to the high level of consumer demands in the markets, when it is seldom to find US dollar retailers on the subprime mortgage markets, said the person operating in the FXarket. In spite of the high US dollar parity, Myanmar is appreciating against other major banks.

The Singapore dollar fell by six kyat, while the Thai franc remained steady at Ks36 per franc from November 1 to 19. The Japanese Japanese Japanese currency also fell by 55 Ks per 100 Japanese Yen. Furthermore, the Chinese dollar has fallen by two kyat per ¥uan, while the dollar has fallen by 39 ks per dollar according to forex traders.

Depreciation of the value of Kyat as well as other foreign exchange rates against the US dollar is due to an increase in the value of the US dollar on the world exchange rate.

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