Myanmar Money Picture

Burmese Money Picture

The majority of Myanmar's people work in agriculture or on a farm. Receive Myanmar Kyat banknote images and royalty-free images from iStock. The graffiti shows a washing machine laundering money for three banks owned by so-called pals. Myanmar's currency, as we all know, is called Kyat. Exchange your money at authorized money changers, not on the black market.

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Burma's greatest strength is its enchanting, quiet and welcoming population. We are overwhelmed by the kindness, joy and hospitableness of the human race, no matter how poverty. Among them were our outstanding leaders and chauffeurs, the hotels and boats personnel and above all the locals we encountered in the roads of the town and in the country towns.

Many of Burma's faces show a crushed sand-wood rehydration/sunscreen. They are so kind, supportive, helpful and interesting. Then we took a small ferry to Mandalay, sat between the Myanmaris, with their fruits, grapes, a cigar and a goat - so bright.

The Ngapali beaches have some very cosy accommodation which is ideal for walks to the nearby fishermen's village - one retires 100, 200 years. and most of all, your money goes to them and not to the state. It has wrought-iron towns, silversmith, silk mill, leaf tobaccos curled into a cigar and fruits and veggies growing on the lakes... these humans are so ingenious.

She' a salesgirl at Lake Inle. Some great deals at ridiculously low rates, except for the hotel and the Aiport! There is a large choice of memorabilia in Bogyoke Aung San Markt, Yangon, but also in most tourist places and there you will be more closely connected to the studio or artists in charge. It' s great to be able to put money in the hand of Burma residents who work regularly!

The Myanmar money is the Khat (pronounced chat) with grades between 1 and 1,000, but these cannot be purchased outside the state. Travellers should take their whole travel budgets with them in good shape in US-Dollars and change them into Euros if necessary, but often pay with them.

In Yangon, cash machines are mainly restricted to a few and only top hotel acceptances. Public utilities such as large hotel and airfare must be billed in US dollar, while small everyday necessities such as meal, transportation, plumbing and catering are usually billed in Kyat, although it is unlikely that sellers will reject them.

You can change your currency on your way to Yangon International or at major hotel bills, but the bank will give you the best rate. While there are many illegal money change machines in touristic areas (Yangon change machines have a particularly poor reputation), but their prices are not particularly good and there is a very genuine risk of tricks to further deteriorate the yield on your greenback!

When you need to exchange money on the road, as we did since our delay and the bank was shut down, please amend the min and count/check all banknotes thoroughly before you hand over your indollars. Tips are not common in Myanmar, but you can expect to make a donation if you visit some places of worship.

As 90% of Burmese are Buddhists and must become a monk at least twice in their life, there are many of them.

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