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Figure and paper money, Kyat currency, offerings, Buddhist monastery, Tuyin Taung Pagoda in Bagan, Mandalay Division, Myanmar. Burma money, old and new Kyat banknotes. Image of Myanmar money Kyat banknote close-up stock photo, images and stock photography. Get the perfect Myanmar Currency Stock photos and editorial news images from Getty Images. Come and visit Myanmar with us, read our stories, look at our photos.

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Burma money, old and new Kyoto notes. Burma money, old and new Kyoto notes. 20 Kyats note, back, Myanmar. 500 Kyats note, back, Myanmar. 500 Kyats note, front side, Myanmar. 20 Kyats note, front side, Myanmar. Detail of an 1100 Kyats on a 5000 Kyats note from Myanmar (Burma).

27.01.2017, Yangon, Republic of Myanmar, Asia - Plastic head are exhibited in front of a money change machine in Chinatown. 27.01.2017, Yangon, Republic of Myanmar, Asia - Young grown-ups pass a money change machine in Chinatown. This is a Caucasian bull on a 5000 kyat bill from Burma.

Myanmar (Burma) is the country's statutory reserve fund. 27.01.2017, Yangon, Republic of Myanmar, Asia - A lady passes a money change machine in Chinatown. Myanmar, Burma, Yangon. It' a money exchanger that exchanges Burmese Kiev for US dollar.

and Aung San will return to Kyat.

Over the past few years, the Myanmar population has been struggling to see profiles of statewide characters on central bank banknotes. Apart from the K500 grade, which resembles the commander-in-chief of the Maha Bandula army from the nineteenth cent. the grades lack historic characters.

However, this will soon be changed after a deputy Pyithu Hluttaw proposed on 13 November that banknotes should bear a portrait of Bogyoke Aung San, a protagonist of the state. Myanmar's central bank vice-president, Daw Khin Saw Oo, then said they were working on a range of re-designed banknotes adorned with "the country's celebrity guides, architecture, landscapes and emblem ", a phrase commonly interpreted as Bogyoke Aung San, the country's most celebrated historic head.

"The subject was once discussed in the Houttaw by various representatives a few month ago, but it was rejected," said U Thein Nyunt, the Pyithu Houttaw spokesman from Thingangyun, to the Myanmar Times on November 14. Thein Nyunt, who made the proposal that lead to the proclamation of Daw Khin Saw Oo, said his voters had asked for memos that better reflect their characters and legacy.

A lot of them demanded that a photo of General Aung San be put on bank bills and a hooter on Martyrs' Day, July 19, when General Aung San and other government officials are murdered," he said. A number of Myanmar treasury bills have depicted pictures of BogyokeAung San, the nation's independent heroe, murdered with other members of his office in 1947, six month before the end of Britain's ruler.

You can see his image on the K25 from 1972, the K5 and K10 from 1973, the K100 from 1976 and the K50 from 1979. Published in 1987, the K45 score shows Thakhin Pho Hla Gyi, an oilfield labourer who protested against low salaries during the UK-Colonies.

This K75 print, published in 1985 and completed in 1987, shows a painting of Saya San, a pawn who produced a farm protests against the low cost of travel for the sake of other pawn owners. The 1985 announcement was made by the authorities that the K50 and K100 banknotes would no longer be the law.

K25 banknotes were made illicit in 1987. Today the K10 is the only ticket of juridical value with a painting of General Aung San on it, but as a result of ongoing inflations, the K10 has practically never been seen or used and has instead become a collector's piece, one of many of these old tickets that are most often sold as a souvenir to the tourist in the streets.

Daw Khin Pan Hnin worked in a Lashio, Shan State clinic in 1987 when K15, K25, K35 and K75 became illicit. "First, the authorities said that it was a rumor that they would stop using these banknotes. It came later," said Daw Khin Pan Hnin.

However, the amendment is said to have destroyed 75 per cent of the country's money; the resulting financial consequences directly contribute to the riots the following year. On the other side, this newer central bank notice is long past due, said Daw Khin Pan Hnin. There is no formal mention yet, but Daw Khin Pan Hnin has some proposals for those responsible for the drafts.

"DawKhin Pan Hnin said, "The image of him in a long cloak and a hat, taken in London when he was signing the Aung San Attlee Agreement, and the portrayal of him in the K90's costume and cardigan looks graceful," but was cautious not to say that it would do just any of them.

Mr. Bangemann added that Thailand is not the only example of a nation using its money to commemorate the accomplishments of its people.

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