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Burma Kyat paper money. Myanmar Burmese Kyat money on white background, cut off picture. For more Denisfilm pictures click here. It also highlights regional experiences and lessons for Myanmar. After the drug money, he said, "is like nailing jelly to a wall.


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Burma money, old and new Kyoto notes. Burma money, old and new Kyoto notes. 20 Kyats banknote, back, Myanmar. Burma, Yangon, Rangoon. Money peacock sacrifice. Currency change office on the Shwedagon Zedi Daw Pagode, Yangon, Myanmar.

19.10.2013, Yangon, Republic of Myanmar, Asia - Novice friars are seen at a crossroads that counts money-donation. 500 Kyats note, back, Myanmar. Detail of an 1100 Kyats on a 5000 Kyats banknote from Myanmar (Burma). Myanmar. Buddha religious with charity cup in (Rangoon) Yangon, (Burma) Myanmar.

06.05.2014, Yangon, Myanmar, Asia - A shoddy-looking urchin is begging for money on the banks of the Yangon River. 500 Kyats banknote, front side, Myanmar. He is a man from Burma who sells seasonings at a local spice fair in a small town near Inle Lake in Shan State, Myanmar (Burma). Myanmar Banknote (MMK).

Yangon (aka Rangoon). Money peacock sacrifice. The Myanmar Burmese Kyat and the Mint. 26.01.2017, Yangon, Republic of Myanmar, Asia - A young lady asks for money and is hoping for a human contribution. 20 Kyat notes, front side, Myanmar. Myanmar, Old Bagan - October 14: An identified women wearing watermelons on her face on October 14th in Old Bagan, Myanmar,


This is from Afford Two, √Čat One: Financial Inclusion in Rural Myanmar. 267 photos ordered by the UC Irvine Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion show Myanmar's day-to-day life, focusing on money, saving, investment and transaction. Here you will find fairs, money and money, lots of golds, beetles, cockfights and more.

Human photos were taken with the verbal approval of the attendees, as is customary in Myanmar. It also includes illustration and icons, as well as a topographic mapping of Myanmar. The archives are intended for non-commercial use. For information about the image metadata, please refer to the image metadata.

In the case of non-commercial use, the name of the respective person must be indicated. In order to make use of the material commercially, the user must first contact the respective person and ask for his or her consent.

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