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Highest US dollar exchange with 1,323 Ts

On 19 November, the exchange reached a high of Ts 1,323 per US dollar, after having reached a 14-year high on the world exchange rates on 18 November. For the last 10 successive trading hours, the dollar has risen in the domestic currency markets at Ts1.293 on 10 November, Ts1.299 on 11 November, Ts1.302 on 12 and 13 November, Ts1.306 on 14 and 15 November, Ts1.310 on 16 November, Ts1.316 on 17 November and Ts1.322 on 18 November.

It opened at Ks1.321 and ended November 19 with two CYats. The Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) fixed the exchange ratein on 18 November at Ts1.292 and increased it from 27 October to 15 November to Ts1.285 per US dollar, on 16 November to Ts1.287 and on 17 November to Ts1.290.

This increase in the US dollar was due to the high level of consumer demands in the markets, when it is seldom to find US dollar retailers on the subprime mortgage markets, said the person operating in the FXarket. In spite of the high US dollar exchange rates, Myanmar is appreciating against other major banks.

The Singapore dollar fell by six kyat, while the Thai franc remained steady at Ks36 per franc from November 1 to 19. The Japanese Yen also fell by 55 Ks per 100 yen. Furthermore, the Chinese dollar has fallen by two kyat per ¥uan, while the dollar has fallen by 39 ks per dollar according to forex traders.

Depreciation of the value of Kyat as well as other foreign exchange rates against the US dollar is due to an increase in the value of the US dollar on the world exchange rate.

Bank reminiscent of accepting foreign currencies in'All' terms and conditions/conditions

The Burmese Central Bank is urging donors to file appeals if they are denied for attempting to exchange US dollar that are not in good state. MYANGOON - The Central Bank of Myanmar has encouraged customers to file a complaint if they have been turned down by their bank because they have tried to exchange US dollar that are not in good working order, according to a foreign exchange management officer.

Up until recently, US banknotes were only accepted if the drafts were new and unfolded. The central bankruptcy court ordered both retail and exchange offices to agree to dollar acceptance in any state in 2012, but four years later clients still see the rejection of depleted or "spoiled" banknotes. "We have already said that money change machines must take all banknotes, but there are grievances that some money change machines do not take all banknotes," said Win Thaw, general manager of the Forex Division.

"We are encouraging them to write to the Central Bank of Myanmar with good proof, and we will take measures, but we have not yet got any complaints," he added. A number of international attendees, said Sabei Aung, CEO of Nature Dream Travel and Tour Agency, have reported to her about Burma's policy of refusing to take down memos because of their state of health and pointed out that, to her mind, this is not happening in other states.

"only want crunchy dollar bills. They are annoyed that this is a terrible custom practiced by these people. She said, "They agree that when banknotes are old, the prices are lower, but they don't realize why[moneychangers] can decline to do so. "Sabei Aung added, "If the Chinese authorities can get these money change agents to abide by the regulations, they will help our tourist industries to evolve.

Before 2011, when Burma saw an expansion of internationals by moving to a nominal civil regime, the exchange of Burma's kiat into any kind of overseas currencies was against the law with few anomalies.

As a result of the US sanction, a lot of foreign exchange was conducted in US dollar through Singapore, where crunchy new dollar notes were called for. But the system was discontinued after the introduction of the currency in March 2012; the exchange rates now fluctuate at around 1,180 Kiev for one US dollar.

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