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Burma Money Exchange Rates Today

Verify the current exchange rate, use a calculator, and then proceed with the transaction. Exchange rate in Myanmar today. Nowadays - Companies & Markets - Personal Finance - Careers - Technology - Buy A Car - Save Money - Credit Cards - Exchange Rates - My Wishlist - Other Tools. The USD/CAD international exchange rate is used and the last update was today. Ives wrote today's back story.

10,000 Myanmaryat ( "Kyat") to JPY, exchange 10000 MMK to JPY

This page provides the exchange rate from 10000 Myanmaryat ( "Myanmar Kyat") to JPY, selling and converting rate. We have also added the top visualisation and exchange rate chart histories for 10,000 Myanmaryat ( "Myanmar Kyat", MMK) to JPY from Friday, July 6, 2018 to Friday, June 29, 2018.

Last exchange rate update of 10000 Myanmaryat ("MMK"). Translate 10000 MMC to JPY. What is 10,000 Myanmar kyats for Japan? - 782.27 Japanesyen.

Exchange of currencies at the airports. Am I supposed to be concerned? - The Forum in Myanmar

Exchange of currencies at the airports. January 29, 2014, 7:19 a.m. how particular are you about the crunchy music? Can I pay (more) free with my payment card? I am worried that I have money I cannot use! Re: Exchange of currencies at the airports. January 29, 2014, 11:00 a.m. 2.

Get many new US$ and know that you will get the best exchange rate for higher denominations like $100. I would trade $200 in value (I pretend you're going to do some shopping) at the airfield and use that as you go. When you find that you are approaching the end of your journey and still have a great deal of your remaining Kyoto dollars, use it for your last few day there or trade it in for $, as it's no use anywhere else.

Re: Exchange of currencies at the airports. and I know there are a lot of threads on this, but I found it baffling! so it OK for us to modify at the airfield considering comments are in good shape and a high term? Is the state of the dollar so choosy in the stores, or is it mostly at the exchange counter?

Re: Exchange of currencies at the airports. January 29, 2014, 20:48 $US - Changes at ANY of the exchange offices......there are now many....formerly mainly run by banks, but now there are also open exchange offices for individuals. While some say that exchange rate at the airfield is best, it seems very similar at most... look at some as they only fluctuate through a pair of Kie.

They can also end up converting vacant Kiev to US again, usually losing 3-5 Kiev per $. Businesses are usually more choosy in terms of qualitiy than their bank. Against some beliefs ATMS are a good support to get more Kayat (especially if you come from a land where you have to buy your $$US to get started, and if it can be difficult to get good grades)....they are now in most touristic places (a lot in Yangon and elsewhere, Yangon and Mandalay airfields, a lot in Mandalay (mostly in the 78th Street), Bagan, Inle, etc.).

The charge is not so is 5,000 kyats per trade, that is $5 US (as at an ATM in Thailand, which has a charge of 150 Bahts = $5), but you can get up to 300,000 Kie. Re: Exchange of currencies at the airports. January 30, 2014, 3:13 Hello, After travelling around the end of December 2013, the exchange rate is quite similar to what we had been hearing in the past.

The Arrival Lounges have a number of forex counter, all of which offer a 983 Myanmar Kyat buy rate (pronounced as chat) for 1 US dollar. Sales were 990 Myanmar Kyat, a range of only 7 Kyat, which is very sensible if you have a surplus of Kyat at the end of the trip and convert it back into green.

The majority of stores (including traders ), as well as hotel and restaurant outlets accepts US dollars at a lump sum exchange rate of 1000 Myanmar Kyat = 1US$. However, the trouble is, if you don't carry small dollar notes with you, you will get the yield in Kyats. Do not trade your entire US dollar for Kyat in Yangon.

If you swap, you will get the most Kyats in 5000 Kyat notes, but it is useful if you have about 1000 and 500 Kyat notes for gratuities and small shopping. Re: Exchange of currencies at the airports. January 30, 2014, 4:02 a.m. Yes, they are VERY choosy about large denomination, but not so choosy about smaller notes like $10s, $5s and $1s.

Large denomination banknotes should look absolutely minty and not even crumpled (bring a large wallet with card inlay to keep them that way!). When you are paying in $ for a buy, you get most lekly $ back in the modification, and suchemtimes they try to lead away from the really dirty US bills towards tourist.

They will not be acceptable in other places, so make sure you get proper -looking memos about the changes. I' ve never used an ATM in Myanmar, I usually have enough money with me, but I had to exchange some $ for a $ in a local banking institution because in some of the more remote areas they didn't take $.

Re: Exchange of currencies at the airports. 01/30/2014, 7:53 pm I've only been in the countryside for 3 WEIGHTS you can exchange money in many places, but the US dollar must be new. Re: Exchange of currencies at the airports. We' re only in Myanmar a fortnight. Re: Exchange of currencies at the airports.

Re: Exchange of currencies at the airports.

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