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Burma Modern

Download Myanmar Modern images and royalty-free images from iStock. The Myanmar Modern Creations Co, Ltd. Getty Images' perfect Myanmar Modern Stock photos and editorial news images. The book traces the development of Burmese modern art after its encounter with modernism and focuses on the influence of individual artists. Myanmar Real Estate and Construction Monitor is the industry's leading source for research, data and analysis.

Photo-essay: Modern Myanmar

It' s the elite that tastes the beginning of a gold era and faces the challenges of changing Myanmar's hard-working nation - both in its wallet and in its mindset - after centuries of isolating, restricting and suppressing freedom of expression. Globalisation affects all areas of Myanmar like never before, and the younger generation has realised that it is the right moment to get out there.

US, Japan and China are relying strongly on this new target markets and create infrastructure and employment. Technology firms from Qatar, Norway, are flooded the world with the first affordable cell phone maps, a true upheaval for a nation that has had them in small numbers and at excessive expense.

Myanmar's focus has shifted to the centre of the menu with new construction sites for foreign tourists shooting up like fungi in Yangon. Burma is becoming increasingly popular, on the threshold between the recent ethnical clashes and a possible westernisation and the cost and advantages of epoxy transformation.

Modern-Yanmar Shopping Mall - Review of Junction Square, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

When you' re sick of seeing the pagoda after the pagoda and probably caught in ancient Myanmar, this place might be the place to see what it's like to be modern Myanmar. Surrounded by several construction projects, it is a place where you can only see how Yangon wants to become one of these ordinary cities with costly shopping centres and gated living like everywhere else in the canal.

It' the newest shopping center in this town. That' almost the best thing you can get from it. It is a burgeoning development and many major shopping centres are currently under construction, but at the present time this is second place in the town. One could say this shopping center is the modern shopping center and one of the best in it.

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