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Fotogallery - About me - Blog - Google Map. Snake for food aid from a local NGO upon arrival from Myanmar at the Balukali refugee camp. An updated collection of photos of successful celebrities and models in Myanmar. A new model of dictatorships in Latin America. Beach Bagan - Beach Bagan - Beach Bagan - Beach Bagan - Beach Bagan - Beach Bagan - Beach Bagan - Beach Bagan - Beach Bagan Myanmar Sexy Model Photos:

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These are the sites and blog where you can find Myanmar Girl's photographs for free as well. Burma Myanmar Photo Album - Clean and appealing gallery of Myanmar photo models. Sort by name and photo qualitiy is pretty good. Burma Models and Actress @ PhotoMyanmar - This page shows models and actors on one page.

Photographs are a selection of blogs. Myanmar Hot Models @ FunnyRemix - Here are pictures in high quality. Arloo's List of Myanmar Model Girls - Arloo features a list of gallery of popular Myanmar models and actors.


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Tin Moe Lwin, the models' mother, is interviewed by Mimi Wu about mercy, generousness and their payment. Moe Lwin began her modelling carreer at domestic and international sport events by keeping signs, a profession that was given to a girl not only with beautiful faces but also with sophistication.

The very first gymnastics tools came from Russia and I used them to get in shape. The model and fitnesstraining has been helping me to become Miss Myanmar 1993, Miss Myanmar Yangon 1994, Miss Myanmar Smile 1994....". Currently she is representing over 100 men, woman and children's models - or what she describes as talent - who are following in the steps of their multi-dimensionality and can work in a broad range of businesses, from the building industry to oil, cosmetic, airlines, IT and property developmen.

Every months her studio coaches her talent in the fields of modelling and personnel growing. Furthermore, the enterprise operates a vocational school. Moe Lwin has deserved her model's mother name. She is also able to train the students' talent and provide them with motherly attention, while at the same time requiring a high level of morality in which she herself firmly holds.

In addition, many small modelling studios and events planners, many of Tin Moe Lwin's former undergraduates. Instead of feeling driven and aggressive, she looks after them in managing the office, fosters talents, gets sharpened and how to get good customer-feedbacks. "In my twenty years of professional activity, I have concentrated on events for the first fifteen years.

Now I' m withdrawing gradually from the event, because my junior and my boyfriends can do the event very well. Today she is not only the succesful proprietor and director of a model agent and a modeling center, but also models, MC' shows, patroness of fashion designer, presenter of TV shows and juror of model contests on and off and on.

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