Myanmar Model Photos Myanmar Actress Photos

Burma Model Photos Burma Actress Photos

Burmese actresses in beautiful Myanmar fashion dresses. Photographs of the collection by Yu Thandar Tin. Myanmar Model Girls' best photos.

The new Myanmar actress thazin XXX is now available for download! May Kabyar, Yatanar Phyu Phyu Aung,.


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Out in the open: Myanmar's beautiful empress and top humanity on stage

Pictures are taken from the Myanmar movie Dr. Sate Phwar with Kyaw Thu, an actress who became Myat Noe's stage manager next to the May Myat Noeette. In May 2014 Kyaw Thu is the founding father and principal of the Free Foundation Society (FFSS), which provides free healthcare and burial for the needy, and May Myat Noe, a model, was named Miss Asia Pacific World in Seoul and then robbed of her crown after supposedly running away with the diadem.

Photographs from the sets published on Kyaw Thu's Facebook page and the prominent blogs provide a fascinating insight.

Censorship governs Burma's film industry

Burma's Motion Picture & Video Censor Board has recently released an Edict prohibiting female actors from showing up on the big screens in westerns and overalls. Myanmar women now only have to be dressed in old-fashioned clothes. A Rangoon filmmaker said several footage in an imminent Salone or seagypsy tribe in the Mergui Islands in the south of Burma must be re-shoot as they show the starlet Nandar Hlaing in denim.

Censors rule as referees of what tastes good, what is appropriate and what is permitted. Given the leadership that the student community has had in the democratic movements, it is understandable that cinema films cannot be made on campus. "When two men fight in front of a multitude, we can't make a scene," one of the directors cried.

"When we have a struggle or a ruction, we must stay away from masses of people, coach terminals and couples, and we must find a peaceful place," he said. Then, there are limitations in the combat world. It is ironic that this is a fairly frequent cause of deaths in Burma.

Prisoners must keep their cells clear, orderly and not overfilled. Burma's peculiar, contradictory and random codes of conduct are not only prude but also puzzling. Tsargana served years in imprisonment for his participation in the democratic movements and his whims. Some years ago, a videofilm had to be edited with a man acting disguised as a man's bride when the censors found that his hair was too similar to that of a celebrity general's brides.

In addition, the authority also makes exceptions to colour patterns and headings. The censoring authority did not succeed in a straight-to-video play with Tint Tint Tun, an actress/model, because they disapprove of the title: Whilst the ruling to prohibit Tint Tint Tun's movie was in line with the censors' sense of morality, the verdict that actors are only wearing conventional clothing is more elusive: "If the movie's new rules were literally upheld, the Rangoon actors would show much more flesh than they do today - until the Brits marched in, Burma wives usually went out without any publicity.

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