Myanmar Model Girl Photo 2015

The Myanmar Model Girl Photo 2015

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Myanmar Muslims - in images | Art and designs

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Seventeen beautiful pictures you want to see Myanmar before someone else does.

Since Myanmar has only recently opened up to the outside worlds, it still preserves many of its traditional and traditional attractions and is still a real experience to be had. Myanmar, as Kipling said all those years ago, is a land like no other. They are some of the most beautiful ones to interactively explore, their scenery is some of the most unspoiled in the whole wide open space, and their story is one of the most colorful there is to discover.

In this photo gallery you will explore the everyday lives of the Myanmar tribe and why you should definitely come and see them now. Wonderfully back-lit friars who cross the U-leg bridges at sundown. It crosses Lake Taungthaman in Mandalay and is one of the most frequently visited areas in Myanmar and we can certainly see why!

Yellow make-up on their faces, known as Danaka, is made from crushed rind and has been a Myanmar traditional for over 2000 years. This little treasure was in effect to commemorate the change of monks' vestments, a festival known as the Tazaungdaing Festival. There is a young friar studying at Mahar Gandar Yone Monastery.

A lot of young guys (and even some girls!) are training as buddhistic beginners all over Myanmar and, while their monastic days are often very brief, they are studying the teaching of buddhism with great devotion. Group of young Buddhistic young people who read the writings at Mahar Gander Yone Cloister. Juveniles who have been serving as Novitiate Friars are thought to be nobly and therefore more respectful than men in later years.

Myanmar's fisherman are not only unbelievably courageous, but also unbelievably aerobatic, as we can see in this beautiful image on Lake Inle. Everyone who was in Asia will recognize this view, but did you know that the Myanmar authorities have actually forbidden all motorcycles in Yangon?

There has been an increasing number of strays in recent years, especially throughout Yangon, but they can always rely on the friendliness of the friendliness of the friars for nourishment and drinking and the much needed cuddly toys! This marvellous friar supplies his neighbors with groceries in a small town near Lake Inle.

Buffaloes are a favourite view in all of Myanmar, but it was a very unique spectacle to watch this soft giants carrying the baby on their backs. This is a group of girls working in the paddy paddies around Lake Inle. Myanmar has a tradition of very high levels of human dignity and a very high level of empowerment, often equated with that of their males.

Bitch power! The group of Buddhistic neo-nazis shares a moments of contemplation at dusk in front of the Maha Gandar Yone Monastery, Mandalay. In the summer the U-Bien Lake seems high above the country, but when it is raining, the Taungthaman Lake becomes so high that it leaks the top of the cross.

Every day in the mornings and evenings this easy teeny trek brings peasants, friars, locals as well as visitors across the sea to Mandalay. So if you feel that you are inspirated by these beautiful pictures and want to know how you can experience them, why not come with us on our next journey to Myanmar?

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