Myanmar Model

The Myanmar Model

Newest tweets from Myanmar Model Girls (@MyanmarNewsPlus): " Lu Lu Lu Aung #MyanmarModelGirls https://t. co/ZXusrYhzjF" Myanmar Model Girls Club. The Myanmar Model is a collection of model news for the people of Myanmar. Myanmar quality models photo albums. Log in, please.

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Yangon fitness studio in Myanmar model died abruptly

A 24-year-old model and Miss World Myanmar 2016 finalsist, Sandar Khin fainted and was killed after practice at a Yangon fitness center on Saturday. One of Mizzima's relatives said she was practicing for the Miss World Myanmar competition and had just got off a staircase master or running band when something went terribly bad.

"She fainted when she sits down," the family member was cited, and added that she was then sent to the wards. She was not only a Miss World Myanmar finisher, but also won the "Sky Angel" prize of the Thai airline Nok Air.

Modell Poo EhEh Chanting Myanmar Germany Forward Aung Thu a sonakshim

The Myanmar model is the Poo EhEh Khant of Myanmar bawlungsit is the Aung Thu a dirhnaksan group. A Pahnyh duhavthu hi thuhlan thila 3 rawng ri ah ri ah online al r in kawlarram fala dlangval damzet ih ngajsak ketmi a siih auf thihang a al ar kahnih an hahnih in on-line in hhsin an hlobblep lwk.

Hminthangnak rangah silioin a dillung thiangghlim t hi ka duh thai san a si. You can read a short video on line in a development thianglimnak dive in can see an interesting question in an oral conversation.

Pyinmana, Mandalay ih suite a Siih Myanmar side ih rinan tzetmi strikers a si May 22, 1996.

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