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All mobile and fixed network subscribers are telephone subscribers (fixed network plus mobile communications). Brünsijäri Darussulam Telecommunications, mobile and broadband statistics and analysis. Internet Market and Telecommunications reports. Services demand in Myanmar: Myanmar's mobile swing .

33 million mobile phone subscribers, 80% use of smartphones.

Myanmar's on-line community is expanding rapidly, with 13.7 million people subscribing to Telenor in its current version. 52 % of clients are current user of datas. That' s the equivalent of MPT's 14 million subscription and Ooredoo's 5 million midgets. Burma now has at least 33 million mobile phone operators in a 53 million state.

The smartphone utilization ratio is 80%. It has 18 million mobile phone subscribers in the UK, which means that almost every second mobile phone in the UK is equipped with Viber.

50 million mobile subscriptions in Myanmar: operator

Myanmar's three major carriers -MPT, Ooredoo and Telenor - jointly announced that they have contracted a combined 50 million mobile phone users since the launch of the service in the last three and a half years. Myanmar's overall populace stood at 52.8 million at the end of 2016, according to the World Bank, which corresponds to a migration rates of almost 95%.

Tele-density in Myanmar was just over 12% in 2013, and mobile phone subscriptions were known to be costly - a SIM was about $300. Genuine contest began in August 2014 when Ooredoo introduced business service - Telenor started just over a year later. Early this months, however, Telenor said its 4G distribution system covered over 120 towns with more than 19 million clients.

Mr. Ooredoo said his 4G+ coverage covers 200 locations in Myanmar and is available to over 15 million people. In the past year, the Ministry of Transport and Communications Myanmar National Tele & Communications (MNTC) issued a forth mobile communications licence - MyTel - a company between Viettel, Myanmar National Telecom (a syndicate of 11 municipal companies) and Star High Public Company (owned by the military-held Myanmar Economic Corporation).

MyTel has not yet brought to market, however - this is expected to happen sometime this year. They also committed to respect the prices set by the governments in their June 2017 Tariff and Tariff Regulatory Framework, which bans free selling or distributing as well as subsidising less expensive mobile phones and more.

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