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With SIM prices falling, the demand for mobile phones has soared. Internet access and telephone lines are both less developed in Myanmar than in other Southeast Asian countries. Burma is experiencing one of the world's fastest mobile phone rollouts. Burma has long been cut off from the rest of the world. Ooredoo and Telenor are easy to buy from any mobile phone store.

Phone, mobile and inernet in Myanmar (Burma)

Telecommunication in Myanmar has long been behind most advanced and other South East Asia nations, but things are shifting and although only a small proportion of the country's populace has landline connectivity, mobile phone coverage is increasing and in-creasing. SIMs in Myanmar have been costly and hard to come by for many years, but SIMs that have been distributed by the Telenor, Ooredoo and MPT (Myanmar Post & Telecommunications) network are now generally available at a low price of 1,500K.

The maps work on a charging base with K1000, K3000, K5000 and K10,000 maps available. The Ooredoo and Telenor systems went into operation in 2014 and all grids provide rapid 4G supply in metropolitan areas such as Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw. You can buy your mobile phone card and recharges at a number of city centre and Yangon and Mandalay airport locations and most major city centers and tourism destinations.

Stores that sell tickets usually show the Ooredoo, Telenor or MPT logos: In order to buy a mobile phone ID you will need a photocopy of your Myanmar and Myanmar visas page and a photograph. 3G-capable and available are off-the-shelf SMS and MCUs.

Myanmar now offers international mobile telephony with more and more international mobile phone operators; the market is rapidly evolving, so it is best to contact your network provider. Even if you are able to make and take phone and fax phone enquiries, you may need to contact a Telenor, Ooredoo or MPT store (there are many in the city centres of major cities).

Please be aware that there are often gaps or no mobile phone networks in the countryside, but they generally work well in cities. The use of telephone racks has been the easiest way to make and receive phone conversations, and these can still be found on the street and in Myanmar stores; making and receiving phone conversations should be around 100K per second.

Calling abroad is much more costly (over $5 per minute) and can only be made from a hotel; only a few phone booths allow it. Use caution, as charges may apply to unconnected call. Please note that many companies in Myanmar have multiple phone numbers, as sometimes phone conversations are disconnected and phone line outages can occur.

If you want to make a call from Myanmar to another location, dial 00, then the dialing international prefix for the location you are calling and then the area code less 0. If you are dialing to Myanmar from abroad, select the dialing number of your home county, then 95 and the area codes (minus 0).

Please be aware that calling Myanmar can be difficult: phone numbers outside Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw are often not answered. With Myanmar's underdevelopment, it' s a surprise how widely available it is: you can find an Wi-Fi coffee shop or resort in isolated areas.

When you use Gmail and work or spend a long amount of in Myanmar, it's a good idea to download Gmail off-line; this works much better than normal Gmail with low-speed links and also allows you to work off-line. Earlier state limitations on the use of the web have been removed, making most sites and content available for free, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and so on.

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