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At the moment, broadband is still clearly lagging behind mobile data. Myanmar Internet and mobile phone. This is the last limit for the mobile Internet. Get iPhone and iPad apps from Myanmar Mobile Internet Group Ltd. including Meet Myanmar and MyDeals Myanmar.

28% Internetetration and 15 million people in Myanmar

Kepios published the latest installment of his latest edition of his worldwide online story two week ago. Nine month after the last survey, Internet usage in Myanmar gained 2 more points and reached 28%. Altogether that is 15 million persons who regularly use the Internet. In the same document, the number of socially responsible persons is the same: 15 million.

All of these are also mobile people. The assessment of Internet access is simpler said than done in a land where the extent of the populace is also controversially discussed. Coconuts Yangon reported in a March 2017 paper that Myanmar has 46 million people.

According to the Myanmar administration, 89% of the rural community would be online. When you know that the APAC estimates Internet usage to be 47% on averages, that is too good to be tru. Lars Erik Tellmann, CEO of Telenor Myanmar, said in an November 2016 survey that 64% of Telenor Mobile Basis subscribers are Internet useers.

With the same level of coverage across Myanmar's mobile phone basis, we'll have 32 million Internet useers. Things to do with Internet use? In order to get to the bottom of this riddle, it is important to realise that defining an Internet reader is not easy and can be the object of polemics.

Internet proliferation in Myanmar is largely mobile and the use of smartphones exceeds 80% of the mobile population. Once a phone connects to the mobile phone grid, Internet preferences are moved around instantly and installs on the phone. It' willing to talk to the Internet and can even synchronize apps and perform upgrades on its owners request.

The mobile phone is used to charge for this type of communications and the smart phone holder is categorised as an Internet sender. Such inadvertent use of the Internet will cause artificial bloating of mobile operators' stats and may account for the discrepancy between Telenor CEO's testimony and Kepios' results. He also says that every Internet citizen in Myanmar is a Facebook citizen.

Since there are no formal numbers about Facebook use in Myanmar, a useful remedy could be to review Facebook advertising. Advertising on Facebook is a high-performance way to promote your website on the public-sphere. As you create your adverts, you can use the search engine to target your audiences by geography, demographics, interest, etc.... Facebook gives you an estimation of your ad audiences on the basis of your own metrics.

Through the selection of a Myanmar nation-wide 13 to 65 year old population, we reach an estimated 22,944,000 people. Since we are conducting the same test with other Facebook user-well-known jurisdictions, we find that the number of Facebook visitors corresponds to an incidence of errors of 10%.

To sum up, we can use this technology to put the number of Facebook visitors in Myanmar at 20 to 25 million. From a different perspective, we have chosen to look at the top facebook pages in Myanmar. In Myanmar, according to social bakers, the largest following is the 7days News Journal with 17 637 315 fans.

Since we know that this site is in the Myanmar langue, we can expect that the site is especially liked by Myanmar people. Therefore, the number of Internet surfers in Myanmar cannot be as low as 15 million. Viber is another very common application in Myanmar. In recent years, the messenger application has published statistics about its client population in Myanmar.

Viber celebrates 18 million Myanmar residents in December 2015. In December 2016, the newsroom application then arrived at the worldwide online reporting. The Viber numbers are unexpectedly higher than on Facebook. According to our research, we would value 25 million Internet surfers in Myanmar, which would mean an Internet coverage rate of 47%. Since the numbers are starting to make sense, the Internet coverage becomes difficult to believe.

How about getting genuine numbers through the Myanmar Internet usage numbers pricing system? Let the rural populace be overlooked, it would definitely account for why Internet usage looks so high.

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