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* myanmar * mobile app * startup * tech *fintech *youth *android. Myanmar's Tenoit is looking for a talented and enthusiastic project manager who is familiar with Myanmar's gaming market. Time to market vs. "Coopetition" in the Myanmar mobile communications market. Are you looking for game tours in Myanmar (Burma)?

Time to market vs. coalition in the Myanmar mobile communications market.

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The new Myanmar mobile game has received 1.5 million registrations since August.

Myanmar-based MySquar, a Myanmar-based online community, said that one of its cell phone games had become "viral" and attracted over 1.5 million registrants within the first five weekly periods of publication. MyFish, the match was started on August 2, has collected averages of $ 800 a days income in August, the corporation said. In the first seven September trading hours, this increased to an annual mean of $1,120 per person per workingday and, three additional months ahead of schedule, to around $1,500 per person per workingday during the first few trading hours of the second half of September.

MyFish's sales will continue to increase in September and beyond as a number of extra functions - encouraging players to buy - are due to be announced in the coming few week. On September 12, the corporation also started a new cell phone handheld Hawk Hero (Invincible Swords).

It works on both Android and IOS machines and, like MyFish, is a free, entry-level Free MyFish and encourages gamers to increase their odds by increasing payment for various specialties. The Hawk Hero benefits from the current community of MyChat, MySquar's IM and community network applications that take people from one gaming or applications to another, the business says.

In the next few month, MySquar is expecting "significant sales growth" from the games industry due to the increasing sales of MeFish and the new Hawk Hero series.

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