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Up-to-date news about the most popular mobile phones, applications and games. Kampuchea, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam and West Malaysia. This success definitely extends to the mobile gaming market. Some countries have a high level of smartphone ownership, where user engagement is low due to digital illiteracy and lack of local content (e.g.

in Myanmar). Gaming, Esports and Mobile Intelligence.

Myanmar Game on, as the relocations of mobile application developers MySQUAR Limited seem to pay off

MySQUAR Limited's (LON:MYSQ) move into on-line gambling seems to be reaping rewards, while the switch to web telephones and mobile market place applications should continue to provide strong benefits in the market. Initially, the site offered five titles when downloading the application, with additional titles to be added at regular intervals.

Myanmar's casino gambling industry is valued by tens of million gamers, and MySQUAR expects the revenues from the new site to be "very significant". In early January, MySQUAR announced that the number of registrations on its sites had surpassed 7.5 million. This number means that the application developers had increased their usage by more than 25% since October last year, when they informed them that they had around 6 million subscribers on their site, a significant increase of 660% compared to the AIM quotation in July 2015 and significantly surpassed the 5 million anticipated by the end of 2016.

Approximately 9 million enrolled visitors at the end of this time. รข??MysSQUAR said the revenue will be used for working equity and to speed up the creation of new applications and gaming. In November, as part of the previous promissory notes, MySQUAR took up US$ 150,000 by issuing 3.6 million new Sandabel bearer bonds at 0.0372p each.

In addition to the gambling and web telephony applications, MySQUAR also introduced a mobile market place application, Fastsell, at the beginning of December. In November, the AIM-listed company announced that it will work for 24 consecutive month on the creation of payments applications for the Singaporean company fastarcash, for a fee of approximately $300,000.

The MySQUAR project was launched in 2013 after recognizing the possibility of introducing a mobile community based online community in the fast-growing Myanmar area. Considering a total of 56 million inhabitants, 13 million of whom are under 24 years of age, a considerable part of the MySQUAR brand still seems to be undeveloped.

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