Myanmar Mobile Application Market

Burma Mobile Application Market

You can download mobile apps from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Find out why Myanmar Mobile App market. The Myanmar Mobile App Reader is a mobile reader for the Myanmar Mobile Application Store (

View the App Store, SDK, rankings, permissions, and promotional information for Nya Market Myanmar on the Google Play Store. The local company Market Myanmar has launched a mobile game called "Fantasy Football".

Mobile app developers want to take mobile applications to Myanmar

In Myanmar, one of Asia's impoverished nations, how do you create a bestselling application? They go and ask a psychic for help, says 25-year-old Htoo Myint Naung, a resident development worker. MYN is just one of the young technology businessmen in Myanmar, a land that is now opening up to the outside worlds after centuries of war.

However, even like Htoo Myint Naung, they want their play off the market through their own market-skills. "A lot of new threats" were awaiting his deal as Myanmar, also known as Burma, began its democracy reform over two years ago, he said.

Perhaps they will murder the natives and then take over the market." Currently, only about 1% of Myanmar's population use the web, according to sector specialists. However, already now the young market is dominated by international online service providers. Natives say that Facebook is the country's most favorite site; other favorite sites are Google's YouTube and Gmail.

But Htoo Myint Naung also enters Myanmar's market through techniques and concepts that only a native would know, he said. Technomation, his firm, also releases a bestselling lexicon for them. However, instead of relying on Apple's Apple Store or Google Play, Htoo Myint Naung sells its applications via partnership with 200 electronics stores in the state.

Myanmar has not yet introduced on-line payment, so Technomation is selling its product on the shop window where customers can make payment in real time. He does this with dedicated flash drives that allow electronics stores to download the app to mobile devices. Stores receive part of the turnover, but Technomation pays to replenish the flash drive after a certain number of applications.

They are selling their vocabulary application for the relatively high $10 cost and their diviner for $3, but still the consumer is willing to buy, said Thar Htet, a British technology businessman at Zwenexsys softwar. "Actually, they have the purchasing capacity, it's just that we don't have a pay gateways for on-line apps," he said.

"They couldn't even conquer the Myanmar market for the other application vendors around the globe. Cause the locals couldn't afford it on-line. It has a small technology market and only about 5% of the population use mobile telephones. However, many are expecting this to soon improve with governance reform aimed at making mobile telephones more accessible.

Myanmar's government aims to achieve mobile phone coverage of 75% to 80% by 2016. MYN has already made its applications available for the iPhone, Android and Java. In order to satisfy these demands, however, he also plans to open his own application shop with a dedicated billing system for regional customers.

"When this works out, my cell phone sale could be tenfold in two or three months."

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