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Burma Mobile Application

Myanmar Mobile App is a leading technology web publication focused on mobile and related technologies in Myanmar. Do you need inspiration for your mobile app development? These are the best examples in Myanmar (Burma). Cellular Internet applications (or "apps"): Myanmar's mobile Bible application will enable people around the world to read and study the Word of God in the language of Myanmar on the road.

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The Myanmar Mobile Application is a premier web publishing platform focusing on mobile and related technologies in Myanmar. We' re always up to date, mobile phone updates for the Myanmar population. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock. Until six members of the families can use this application with activated sharing.

Moblie App Development - Acroquest Myanmar Technology

Acroquest Myanmar Technology Companies mobile application developer and distributor for many organisations and clients. In line with our corporate service, we offer Android apps as part of our system to meet the needs of our clients. As a result, our members are able to not just fully comprehend and build Android apps for the clients side, but also back-end systems, clouds and infrastructure.

Up to now we have provided a variety of web and local mobile apps such as happy draws, folder search, reservations, application shape-sharing, presence management, etc. To enhance usability, our products have been developed using a high tech performance-enhancing approach. Depending on the technological requirements of the respective projects, we use a pi for clouds and the latest technologies (e.g. AWS services) in our solutions.

Our well-trained members have ensured that we can offer our customers high-quality software and service throughout the entire application lifecycle.

The Ministry launches a mobile app for plant protection and consumer safety

Phytosanitary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation has recently launched a mobile application to encourage the efficient and safer use of crop protections. The" Plant Protection Mobile Application" (PP version 1.0) is available on mobile handsets and is updated as often as required by the application.

The mobile application has been downloading more than 10,000 copies since it was launched just two month ago. This application allows the user to compare any pesticide mark to see if it has been registered with the Ministry and is actually in use. "Failure to inform farmers about the safety of pesticide handling and the linguistic barriers on labelling make them vulnerable to counterfeiting, product abuse and wrong portioning.

It' s very important to inform and better prepare growers about consumers' health and to distinguish between real and fake chemicals," said the president of Myanmar Fertilizer, Seed and Pesticides Entrepreneurs Association, Daw Khin Myo Khaing. Mr. Daw Khin Myo Khaing called on the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation to produce brief, instructive video clips on the use of pesticides that will be broadcast on the application or in the area.

It also provides information about and access to sites for protection against illnesses, descriptions of safer use, 25 species of crop products, 30 species of high and low plant, species of rodent, agricultural pest control and 187 known insect species and best practices. This free mobile application can be accessed via and copied by the Ministries of Food and Agricultural all over the country.

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