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Every one of the three victorious drivers got a fuel coupon of 100,000 MMK. Every one of the three victorious drivers got a fuel coupon of 100,000 MMK. "Usually I provide free bottled candy, handkerchiefs and disinfectants in my vehicle. People who see this feeling of happiness say they don't want to get out of my vehicle because they are treated like a customer in a home.

I' d like all my guests to be satisfied in my cab while driving. It is the biggest of its kind in Southeast Asia. Uber will run until April 8, 2018 to allow Uber riders to ride on. These include more reservations, better coordination of passenger and driver and higher earnings.

Anglo-Burmese Council

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Myanmar Demo Glasshouse, MM, fruit vegetable

Advise2015-2018; Six horticultural enterprises in the Netherlands have built a pilot plant in Myanmar with the help of subsidies from Germany. Funding was provided by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit. There was no distinction for the Ministry of Economics in the fact that no Germans took part in the scheme.

Myanmar's evolution is seen as important. It is already delivering horticulture to City Mart, the biggest grocery store network in the state. A multi-functional glasshouse was developed and supplied together with the partner projects, which is fitted with a one-of-a-kind air-conditioning and watering system for Myanmar.

Greenhouses and facilities must allow farmers to grow various high-quality fruit crops with minimum use of pesticides and the most sparing use of agri-food.

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