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Ministries, ministries, websites in Myanmar. NEW MINISTERIAL LIST OF MYANMAR. Lt-General Ko Ko Ko (Ministry of the Interior). The Union Cabinet, as published on the website of the Presidential Office, is as follows: Burma Ministry of Education seal.svg.

Myanmar's legislature approves list of cabinet ministry nominees

Myanmar's parliamentary assembly on Thursday gave its unanimous approval to the list of nominated members of its government, which could include Aung San Suu Kyi, who could head four government departments to ensure that her vote will prevail over the country's most important political decision. This list contains the identities of 18 individuals - a mixture of careers officials, legislators and army officials - who would take up their posts in 21 executive posts when the National League for Democracy (NLD) officially took over on April 1.

However, the NLD has not clarified which ministers are to be appointed. The NLD leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, who is banned by a constitution to become chairman by prohibiting anyone with expatriate relations from taking on the highest position in the country, has been proposed to head the country's external policy, training, electricity and energies, as well as the presidential departments, according to newsmagazines.

"Now I announce the nomination of these candidates as Union leaders because there are no proposals to oppose them," said Mahn Win Keing Than, spokesman for the Chamber of Lords. The Council also heralded a list of candidates for the Constitutional Court, a nine-member body of five-year judicial professionals.

Sending no refusals, he said the list will be accepted on March 28. NLD legislator Kyaw Win, who is an advisor to the party's economic commission, was admitted to a ministry even after it became known on Wednesday that he held a Ph. D. from a bogus on-line college founded by a Pakistan group that was unmasked as a scam in 2015.

According to the regional press, it is intended for the very important Ministry of Finances and Forestry. Nyo Nyo Nyo Thin, a former member of this House, pointed out, however, that the legislator must present his biography with precise and truthful facts or be punished according to the Act. Former imprisoned politician, publisher and reporter Zaw That Htwe said that appointing dubious background minister could undermine the NLD's credentials.

Several of the nominated ministers have blueprints for greater changes to move the state towards further progression and democratisation after more than fivetyrs. of war. On the same date that the Amnesty International Legal Group published a message urging the new administration to immediately free all prisoners of conscience when it took up its duties on 1 April, a memory of the pressures on the NLD administration to make rapid headway in the process of democratisation.

On the basis of interviewing reporters, attorneys, legal defenders, conscientious objectors, conscientious objectors, college graduates and employment agencies, the documentary shows how the Myanmar government has raided its adversaries over the past two years to quiet the controversy. "While this could be the beginning of a new departure for Myanmar's humanitarian situation, the challenge for Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for Democracy is enormous - they must make sure that their acts are not overshadowed by the oppressive legislation they inherit," Champa Patel, Amnesty International's Southeast Asia Executive Secretary, said in a press brief.

"Myanmar's imperfect condition, despite its slippery electoral triumph, will also keep the army in significant power," she said, pointing to the NLD's far-reaching triumph in last November's parliamentary poll. NLD, which has cut the total number of government departments from 36 to 21 to curb the country's inflated red tape, is also considering minimising the scale of local government, said Zaw Myint Maung, spokesperson for the group.

Aung San Suu Kyi similarly held a meeting with 22 Arakan National Party (ANP) legislators in the country's capitol Naypyidaw on Thursday to affirm that the new prime minister in Rakhine, West Burma, will be a member of the NLD, said Win Htein, a member of the NLD's central executive committee.

President-designate Htin Kyaw, who has the power to appoint prime ministers and members of their cabinets, has proposed Nyi Pu, an NLD legislator representing Rakhines Gwa-townhip, as prime ministry. ANP members, the state' s most powerful grassroots democratic group, and their followers have been demanding for month that they be able to elect their prime minister from their own group.

ANP, which defends the interests of the predominantly Buddhist Rakhine minority, which lives in the Yangon state and the Yangon area, was threatening to resist the National Democratic Party (NLD) in January if it did not prevail. Approximately 500 persons walked through the state capitol Sittwe on Wednesday and demanded the right to elect its prime ministers.

Mr Aung San Suu Kyi approved that three ANP leader should meet with three NLD officials next weekend to debate the creation of Rakhine's administration, ANP legislator Khin Saw Wai said. The Rakhine leader and Aung San Suu Kyi, with whom she got together, also decided how they would work together to promote developments in the poor state and solve its worship, welfare and commercial issues, Win Htein said.

Reviews by Win Naung Toe, Win Ko Ko Ko Latt, Tin Aung Khine, Thinn Thiri, Set Paul Toe and Wai Mar Tun.

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