Myanmar Ministry of Education Official website

Ministry of Education of Myanmar Official Website

Burmese Ministry of Education. The Government of the Union of Myanmar (GOUM). Articles about the Ministry of Education, Myanmar. Under Myo Thein Gyi, Minister of Education, on improving access to education: Background on Myanmar's education system.

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Ministry of Education (Burmese: ????????????????, discussion in Burmese: CEE] is the Myanmar Education Authority. It has seven divisions under the Ministry of Education: Office staff of the Ministry of Education report to the Deputy Ministers and the Minister. You oversee the realization of the education programs, define the education policy, are in charge of the financial plan in the ministry and in the human resources and management of the ministry.

Ministries of Education in Myanmar

Descriptive/Topic: "The CESR' s (Comprehensive Education Sector Review) mission is to create an education system that fosters a knowledge-based economy that meets the challenge of the knowledge age and contributes to building a today's advanced people. It will help to provide a full and complete picture of the state of education in Myanmar in terms of accessibility and QA in all sub-sectors and the present strength and weaknesses in policies, capacities, governance schemes, funding and partnerships.

It will help to implement prioritised reform and assess viable policies as a foundation for a cost-oriented sectoral education strategy map. These in turn have the capacity to meet the challenge and significantly speed up the achievement of Myanmar's educational and socio-economic objectives. CESR will be implemented in a consistent three-phase cycle aiming at a balanced approach between integrity, qualitiy and topicality, to be concluded in three stages between 2012 and 2014.

In 2012, the creation of the EPIC (Committee for the Promotion of Education) by the President followed the creation of Congress in that year. EPIC is working on measures to implement the education reforms. One of EPIC's priorities is the development of a comprehensive education law as an overall frame for education.

EPIC and CSESR will draw up and present an overall coordinated action programme. The Myanmar education reforms programme began in early 2014 and will be continued until 2015-20". Descriptive/Topic:Summary: "This document has been produced with regard to the objectives of the National Action for Education for All (EFA) of Myanmar (2003-2015).

It is the first EFA nationwide survey following the release of the Myanmar EFA Mid-Decade Assessment for August 2007. The EFA Review focuses on the EFA activity conducted in Myanmar between 2007 and 2014 and reviews advances in the EFA's efforts in the following six areas:

1) Early childhood care and education, 2) Universalisation of primary education, 3) Learning and life skills for young people and adults, 4) Literacy of adults, 5) Gender equality and equality and 6) Quality of education. It assesses on the basis of the national EFA targets for 2015.

In the evaluation, successes, limitations, threats, strong points, weak points and loopholes were determined. The results indicate that Myanmar has made some headway and success in implementing the EFA, but there are also unfulfilled national EFA targets.

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