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Pages in category "Ministries of Myanmar". Important contacts of the Ministry, Government of the Republic of Myanmar, Naypyitaw. After the recent inauguration of the President of Myanmar, U Htin Kyaw, and the swearing in of the NLD government, we have below a list of: METI Ministry of Economy Myanmar website. Myanmar's education system is administered by the Ministry of Education.

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MEPs approve list of 21 government departments out of 18 government departments

On 21 March, members of the Bundestag approved the list of 21 government departments and 18 government ministers. This list was presented by President-designate Htin Kyaw. Today Htin Kyaw presented the reorganization of government departments and the appointment of government officials in plenary. The name of the Ministry of Culture and Religion was transferred to the Ministry of Religion and Culture.

"A Ministry of Education is being set up because the union's integrity of all interethnic groups is vital for the Union's sake of freedom, security, development and stability," he said to MEPs. With 611 in favour and three against the reorganization of the departments and 22 abstaining. There were also 601 for and 22 against the proposal for the number of EU Council members with 14 Abstains.

The National League for Democracy spokesperson, Dr. Zaw Myint Maung, informed journalists that the suggested number of 18 cabinet members includes three cabinet members who have been selected by the commander-in-chief. A number of Union Ministries are required to run more than one ministry. Ms Kyaw will nominate 15 Union Ministries, with the exception of the Defence, Interior and Borders Ministries who will be designated by the Commander-in-Chief.

A list of the appointed ministers was presented by Htin Kyaw this mornings.

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