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Burma, Myanmar Military News, Yangon, Burma. It's either a Myanmar army cavalry or an artillery flag. The Myanmar military is on the UN blacklist for rape and sexual violence against Rohingyas. The Myanmar constitution would fall into this category.


Myanmar's armed forces will intensify their co-operation with the Japans army because of historic ties between the Myanmar armed forces and Japan, said Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, commander in chief of defence services, in Zeyathiri Beikman Hall on Tuesday mornings, where he saw Gen Shigeru Iwasaki, chief of staff of the Japans self-defense forces.

Hkakarborazi Room, The Hotel Royal ACENay Pyi Taw, The Republic of the Union of Myanmar 19-21 May, 2014Preliminary Activities ProgramDownload! Senior General Min. Aung Hlaing, Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Service, held a meeting with ASEAN representatives at Zeyathiri Beikman in Nay Pyi Taw in Myanmar on Friday for the third ASEAN Defence Industry Collaboration ADIC workshops.

It concentrated on co-operation between ASEAN to build a fellowship of peacemaking and stabilization, weapons manufacturing in ASEAN and the reforms under way in Myanmar.

What's behind Myanmar's big new military exercise?

This is the first tri-service drill in over two decade-long periods that needs to be considered from a wider view. The Myanmar Army conducted its first tri-service drill in over two decade-long period from February 2-4. These exercises confirm the military's commitment to continue its modernisation, even with ongoing global monitoring of its behaviour.

Myanmar's force, known as Tatmadaw, is said to be approximately 400,000 soldiers and to be one of the largest in Southeast Asia from a technical point of view, but its capability continues to fall well short of that of some of its neighbours. Recognizing this fact, Myanmar's Head of Defense Min Aung Hlaing has tried to further evolve and modernise the Burmese government to what he recently called the "standard army", with a multitude of moves, among them the acquisition of new arms, the establishment of relations with international soldiers and the attempt to enhance areas such as recruiting and outreach.

That is still the case today, although part of this trial was hampered by the elections of Myanmar's first civil rule in half a hundred years and world control over the Rakhine state's handling of Rohingyas. And, although this is a complex and continuous endeavor, Myanmar's foreign awareness of Myanmar's militarized capability tends, on certain opportunities, whether it' s combat drills or jubilees of various ministries, as we saw last December with the celebration of the 1970th birthday of the country's AAF.

The Tatmadaw concluded the first large tri-service training in over two decade-long period last week. Called Sinbyushin - the name of an 1800s former military kings of Burma known for its battles against China and Siam (now Thailand) - the practice included three day-long activity and took place just south west of the town of Pathein, where the southwest commando of the Armed Forces is now.

More than 8,000 soldiers took part in the drill, which also covered 500,000 hectares of farmland and was prepared for about two month with staff and a whole host of items of military hardware from the Armed Forces, Marines and Weapons.

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