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THE MYANMAR MILITARY LAUNCHES BRUTAL ATTACKS ON CHRISTIAN TERRITORIES. Home-Myanmar military murdered, sexually abused Rohingya Muslims: Military vehicles, tanks and artillery catalogue related to the nation of Myanmar. in Myanmar over Rohingya. Following decades of oppressive military rule, a newly opened Myanmar is bringing to light the stories of its citizens about change.

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Sukhoi Su-30 fighters will be sold by Russia to Myanmar, the RIA told the RIA on Monday, referring to the Russian..... Myanmar's army is showing increasing interest in Russian UAVs, including the Uranium 9 UAV. Myanmar's commander-in-chief..... Over 100 men were murdered after a medium-size Shaanxi Y-8 medium-range carrier of Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation....

Myanmar Army acquires the short-range SY-400 China-made SY-400s. PRINCASSIAN OFFICAL princassian offical call SY-400 rocket system as a led.... Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) forces conducted a fire exercise in southern China near the Chinese frontier on Tuesday..... Myanmar Republic celebrates Naypyitaw's Day 72 of the Armed Forces with a new promise to the.....

US Navy expedition vessel USNS Fall River in Yangon, Myanmar (T-EPF-4).....

Myanmar's top army officials should be brought to justice for committing a crime against humanity: International Amnesty

Mr Amnesty urged the United Nations Security Council to bring the results of the UN Security Council to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and to introduce a "comprehensive weapons embargo" against the South East Asia contr. Neither the Russia mission to the United Nations, which currently chairs the UN Security Council, nor the Myanmar mission to the United Nations were available for comments.

No Myanmar spokesperson was available either. Eight other members of the armed forces and three members of the border police were also mentioned in the document. There was no Myanmar army spokesperson available. Rohingya are widely referred to in Myanmar as "Bengali", which they consider a pejorative designation for Bangladeshi migrants.

Although many Rohingya trace their origins back to Myanmar, they were refused nationality. Myanmar has asked Amnesty to lift free circulation barriers and reestablish Rohingya nationality. Burma has dismissed most allegations of misconduct and said it has initiated a legal fight against insurrection following last August's Rohingya fighters' attack on its population.

There is no civil supervision of the judicial system in Myanmar. As the first standing tribunal for international criminals in the field, the International Criminal Tribunal has no automated competence for Myanmar, as it is not a Member State. The ICC has already been asked to examine a case separately concerning the alleged deportation of Rohingya to Bangladesh, a Member State of the ICC.

Should the UN Security Council forward Amnesty's results to the ICC, it would also transfer investigative competence to the Tribunal.

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