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Military Myanmar Photos

The General, the Japanese Minister and his members posed for documentary photos. While the military increases its influence on West Burma, the long oppressed Rohingya minority flees to find refuge. Myanmar's military troops are taking part in a military exercise. Explore the latest photos of Myanmar Expatriates Protest Military Leadership. Myanmar culture:

Pictures of the Myanmar Army Day Part 71 2016

More than 10.000 men walked on Sunday in the capitol Nay Pyi Taw to the 71. Ränge, portable missile launcher and military transportation vans followed the festive procession with around 12,300 employees of the marine, aircraft and military as well as a march convoy of female military officers, EFE Nachrichten reports.

Navy Seal troops dismounted from military helicopers with cables in the skies, and a group of combat aircraft flown over the airfield and left traces of amber, whitish and reddish fumes in the skies - the colors of Myanmar's new nation's flagg. The three huge sculptures of the former monarchs who established the Myanmar Empire rose up in the backdrop of Paradeplatz.

Myanmar Armed Services demonstrate military power at the military procession in Naypyidaw

Myanmar Republic celebrates Naypyitaw's Seventy-twoth ieth Armed Forces Day with a new promise to reinforce the nation by eradicating terror and strengthening domestic safety and solidaritys. Each year on March 27, Myanmar's military - known as Tatmadaw - shows its power during the celebration of Armed Forces Day, initially known as the Day of Atonement.

At the Armed Forces Day meeting in Naypyidaw, Senior Commander General Min Aung Hlaing emphasized the need for a Tatmadaw military able to conduct advanced war in the technology of the twenty-first-century. Mr. Min Aung Hlaing swore to make the Tatmadaw or Tatmadaw a very able military power able to serve the defense and safety interests of the state.

Myanmar's military chief, subordinates for human rights violations.

Rangoon - Myanmar military leader Snr. General Min Aung Hlaing and some of his minions should be brought to justice last year for the military's action against Rohingya in North Rakhine State for committing a crime against humanitarianism, Amnesty International says in a new account. "We' re going to demolish everything: military accountability for human rights violations in Rakhine State, Myanmar", published today, mentions 13 officers, among them the military commander and his vice general, Vice General Soe Win, as those in charge of the Rohingya killing, violation and export.

Around 700,000 Rohingya escaped to neighbouring Bangladesh after a military evacuation mission in the north of Rakhine caused by a co-ordinated assault by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) at the end of August. Myanmar's administration has condemned the group as a terrorist.

Myanmar is being sent to the ICC to be investigated and prosecuted. The ICC is considering instituting proceedings against the host countries on charges of compulsory deportations across the world. "The UN Security Council should immediately bring the Myanmar case before the ICC so that the prosecutor can start investigations into Roman crimes," the article says.

She added that the recommendation should include crime across the country as the military has also generated crime under overseas statutes elsewhere, both in Kachin and in the North Shan states, dating back to at least 2011. This is Amnesty International's case with Snr. General Min Aung Hlaing and Vice Snr.

Gen. Soe Win, comprises high-ranking commandoes responsible for troops that are said to have perpetrated many of the most horrific acts, such as Brigadier General Khin Maung Soe, Commandant of Military Operations Command 15; Brigadier General Aung Aung Aung, Commandant of the 33th Light Infantry Division; and Brigadier General Than Oo, former Commandant of the 99th Light Infantry Division.

Also on the shortlist are Lieutenant General Aung Kyaw Zaw, Commandant of the Bureau of Special Operations No. 3, Major Aung Myo Thu, Feldkommandant der 33rd Light Infantry Division, Major General Maung Maung Soe, Commandant des Westkommandos der Armee, which supervises the state of Rakhine, and Brigadier General Thura San Lwin, Commandant der Grenzschutzpolizei during the period of supposed outrages.

The 33nd and 99rd Fleet Division were launched in Rakhine State in mid-August. The European Union on Monday sanctioned seven high-ranking Myanmar military officers, six of whom are on Amnesty International's register. In a declaration that same evening, only a few hrs after the sanction was declared, the military said that Major General Maung Maung Soe had been sacked by Rohingya early that morning for lack of performance in response to Rohingya's military attack and that Lieutenant General Aung Kyaw Zaw was "allowed to resign" in May.

The Amnesty International document also mentions several leaders and troops who had a decisive part to play in certain events. Among them are the commander-in-chief of the Taung Bazar Border Guard Police Base, Tun Naing, who perpetrated and ordered tortures and other abuses; Border Guard Police Corporal Kyaw Chay, who perpetrated tortures and other ill treatments on the Zay Di Pyin Border Guard Police base; and Staff Sergeant Ba Kyaw, one of the main culprits of the Maung Nu massault.

As Amnesty International said she sent a letter to the Myanmar government agencies early this months, which included the State Council, the Commander-in-Chief, the Secretary of Defence and the Head of State. They called for special information on all prosecutions and legal procedures relating to the north Rakhine State forces' operation around 25 August. Amnesty International hadn' t got a reply from the civil or military authority at the moment of publication," she said.

On Wednesday, neither the administration nor the military were immediately available for comment. In the past months, Amnesty published another account with proof of a Hindus slaughter by Rakhine State in the past year, making it the first group in the world to shed light on what it described as "the largely underreported violations of the Hindus " of the group.

In response to this review, the military made a declaration commending Amnesty ltd for its impartiality and encouraged other multinational organisations and mass media to do the same.

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