Myanmar Military 2016

The Myanmar Military 2016

What's behind Myanmar's big new military exercise? By the end of 2016, Russia can deliver new fighter aircraft to Myanmar. Myanmar's military spending fell to 2604. General Min Aung Hlaing reaffirmed the military's conviction that it is the only unifying force in the country[AP]. Several hundred MPs are sworn in when Myanmar's first freely elected parliament in 50 years held its inaugural session, ending decades of military rule.

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Myanmar's military spending fell from $3634.30 million in 2016 to $2,604.10 million in 2017. Myanmar's military spending averaging $725.56 million from 1951 to 2017 reached a historic low of $158.50 million in 1951, $3801 million in 2015.

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Myanmar's military enters'democracy school' with new civil deputies | World Affairs Bulletin

It' s an indisputably strange sight: a member of Myanmar's military sits in uniforms and takes note of the foundations of it. He is joined by former detainees and defenders of fundamental freedoms, who now have a major part in the country's first trustworthy parliamn. For half a hundred years, the military - which reigned over Myanmar with raw violence - will retain 25% of parliamentary seat under a 2008 draft and its non-elected officials believe they could use a learn.

So last weekend the former foes went to Parliament's desk to take part in a United Nations-led crash course on how to do the parliamentary work in a contemporary democratic country. "It' very useful," said a military deputy. Its National League for Démocracy has a parliamentary majoritarian vote, and while it is excluded from the EU Council of Ministers by the Constitutional Treaty, it can hand-pick its nominee.

In November, the November election was widely regarded by the world' s observation community as open and trustworthy, even though they denounced the army' s automated maintenance of 25% of the parliament's seat. NLD legislators raised the subject several times in the Democratic Academy and asked how Myanmar can be regarded as a democratic country if not all offices are voted in.

"Isn' t it uncommon for the military to sit in parliament?" asked a Member of the NLD. The military was in Malaysia. And, although this is a young parlament, I want a parliaments that is respectful of the world," said the NLD leaders, who were under 15 years detention before he witnessed the end of the tyranny.

MEPs from Hong Kong, South Korea, Great Britain, Australia, Pakistan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Bhutan came to support their Myanmar counterparts at the invitation of the United Nations Environment Program, the Myanmar Assembly and the Interparliamentary Union. Only a few years ago, demanding issues were inconceivable, while 15 military officers - lieutenants-general, lieutenants colonel and Lieut... were sitting in silence among their civil mates.

"When one of the forces goes out of power," asked a NLD member from the Bago district, pointing out the military's parliamentary part. They' re very motivating, but they do not know how their parliamentary representation really works," said Hong Kong MEP Paul Ise. "There is a good involvement of the military, especially since it is not simple for them to leave power," he added.

While sitting around a large piece of papermaking material scattered around the desk to note down the idea, a military official suggested the establishment of certain sub-committees to help make the House tick. In spite of the obvious evidence of emerging democratic rule, U Ar Moe Si points out some barriers to trade.

MEPs also said that there were difficulties in the parliamentary buildings. Now, the parliamentary buildings are open from time to time for visits, there is even a gift store.

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