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Burma Media 7 News

Burma Media 7 News Web TV has updated its cover. The Myanmar Media 7 News is located at Rm 3/A, Bldg 1, 3rd Flr, Moe Kaung Rd, Ward (16),, Yankin Township, Yangon Region, Myanmar. Newsmyanmar Media 7; Robot: index,follow,noarchive; Viewer: width=device-width;

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Stringent media constraints were relaxed after 2011 under ex-President Thein Sein. However, media freedoms were not a top concern for the democratic coalition that took up its post in 2016, says reporters without borders. It says self-censorship is used when officers and the army are reported, and the agencies still put media coercion and even intervene to alter drafting policy.

The BBC, Voice of America and US-backed Radio Free Asia are among the international stations that serve Myanmar's population. Consumers have chosen to go with Facebook and Viber. The Freedom House says that there has been a strong increase in the number of libel charges against individuals who have criticized the administration on-line.

Burmese media owners under attack by skidding attackers

17 July 2015--On Tuesday, the proprietor of a media group in Myanmar was assaulted by skidding attackers. Sentencing the assault, the Committee for the Protection of Journalists urges the public prosecution of the offenders. Attackers used a sling to fire at the Than Htut Aung vehicle while it was at a crossroads in the Bahan township of Yangon city.

When Htut Aung wasn't hurt in the assault, which reported that the front windows on the side of the vehicle he was sitting on were messed up. Attackers fled in a cab, the report said. Cops have arrested two accused persons who disputed their participation in the assassination. According to a report by Eleven Daily, five persons were part of the assault.

Yangon Division East District Headquarters Myint Htwe said officers were looking into the subject and looking for possible associates, according to alleged. Htut Aung is CEO of the Eleven Media Group, which comprises newspapers, online and TV shops. Writing a recurring feature for the Eleven Daily, he often criticises the country's leadership position and the formal harrassment of the media.

Wai Phyo, the newspaper's chief executive, was told in the November parliamentary elections that the assault may be related to those "suffering from our detective news and those who do not want to give up power". The Department of Information lodged a grievance on June 15 against the group' s own Eleven Daily and 16 editors who reported a charge of libel by the Department against another Eleven Media Group release last October.

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