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Burma's reporters believe that media freedoms have declined: polling

Rangoon - Myanmar media representatives believe that their liberty has decreased over the past year and that judicial, corporal and mental abuse against the media is up. Between December 2017 and April 2018, a network of organizations gathered the opinions of around 200 reporters from all over Germany on a number of topics related to their work.

You found that the regime, and the army included, is seen as the major cause of the deterioration of liberty. Newsmen say there is little proof that the authorities or the judiciary are trying to tackle either media brutality or the fall in free speech. In order to assess the government's achievements in defence of media freedoms, 79% of respondents voted "very low" and "low", while only 2% voted "high" or "very high".

Free Express Myanmar found in polls carried out in 2015 and 2016 that the main concern of Myanmar's media and constitutional law threatened people. However, concern has now spread to the legislation on associations, telecommunication, data protection and trade secrecy. Reporters rated the law on electronic commerce as the greatest danger to free speech (19 percent), followed by the law on professional secrecy (17 percent), the telecommunication law (14 percent), the constitution (13 percent) and the law on illegal associations (13 percent).

They considered the section on riot the most menacing (38 percent) in the penal code, while slander (22 percent) and abusive religions (19 percent) rank second and third. Last year at least 11 reporters were detained under oppressive law for collecting information, traveling to areas of tension to do their work and criticizing civil servants.

Presenting the Yangon news release Yangon today, U Zin Linn, a Burma News International advisor, said it was also difficult for reporters to get hold of senior administration officers. "He said journalist should be able to go to governments and parliament to get information. Myanmar was listed 174th out of 180 states in the World Press Freedom Index in 2012 before it was censored before its release, he said.

After the media sector reform, the rankings increased to 131 in 2017. PEN Myanmar Center PEN Myanmar Undersecretary U Han Zaw pointed out that the anxiety of being prosecuted is growing among reporters, leading to greater self-censorship. The Free Expression called on the Myanmar authorities, in particular the army, to engage in an open and comprehensive consultative process with reporters and to draw up an ADP.

"She said that this consultative process should concentrate on developing a comprehensive law enforcement review process that involves both legislative changes and the behaviour of civil servants. It advocates a segregated but networked open media termination exercise, involving the media, and urges the authorities to eliminate all obstacles to media entry into areas of war.

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