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Burma Meaning

Myanmar's official Chinese-Tibetan language, also known as Burmese. English-Arabic dictionary and many other Arabic translations for'Myanmar'. The English Urdu dictionary gives you the best and most accurate Urdu meanings of Myanmar. Go get a Myanmar cup for your sister Sarah. The Myanmar noun in the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

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"Myanmar." "Myanmar." It' a Southeast Asian nation. Formal name of Myanmar. Aka Burma (which used to be the formal name). Myanmar's Chinese and Tibetan languages, also known as Burmese, are difficult to use. Myanmar's writing, in which the Myanmar tongue is spelled.

Aka Burmesin. Myanmar Bosnian is the official name of the chief ethnical group in Myanmar, Burma (mran-ma). The name of the official group is á?-á??á (, from which Burma is ascribed. They are also related to Myanmar/Burma, its population, its culture, languages and so on. If certain words are included, the words are specifically Myanmar (Burma) (country) or Myanmar (person, speech, etc.) - a substantive licence.


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