Myanmar Mawlamyine Pagoda

Pagoda of Myanmar Mawlamyine

Mandalay, Kipling's poem: "At the old Moulmein Pagoda, which looks out to sea: The silver-plated and gold-plated pagoda overlooks Mawlamyine. Here you will find reviews and tips from people like you Kyaik Htee Yoe Pagoda Mawlamyine, Myanmar/Burma. Mahamuni Pagoda is the northernmost of the five mountain pagodas overlooking the city centre and is the largest and most prestigious. Kipling's famous verse is always associated with Mawlamyine, which says: "At the old Mawlamyine pagoda, which looks lazily at the sea.

Mawlamyine - Myanmar Tours

It is located next to Kyaikhtiyo Town, Myanmar's fourth biggest town. In the past, this town was the capitol of the kingdom of Mon. Moulmein is considered to be the busiest and most lively seaport in the town. Until now, the town is a tranquil and tranquil, with many verdant shrubs that make the town verdant and chilly with some amenities of UK cotillion.

One place not to be forgotten is the Thanlwin River Mocca. It was constructed by a group of lndian servants who were taken to the area centuries ago by colonizers from Britain. The Kyaikthanlan Paya Pagoda in Myanmar. Its most beautiful architectural feature is the golden Kyaikthanlan Paya Pagoda, which was constructed in the ninth cent. AD.

It is also the template that inspired the British writer Rudyard Ki-pling with two renowned works: "Mandalay" and "By the old Moulmein Pagoda, lookin' looky at the sea". It is uniquely situated on the Salween Riviera and flows into the Bay of Martaban. It is an excellent place to watch the sun set and capture the wind from the rivers.

When you take a cruise to the end of the Salween River, you will reach Gaungse Kyun Isle. Visit the Mawlamyine Zeigyo Commercial Center and the Mon Cultural Museum. Taung Pagoda. Coming from the southern part of the village of Mawlamyine, the visitor can enjoy a lively natural landscape with hills, luxuriant verdant forests and creeks.

30 mins from the city, you can see two breathtaking limestones on the highroad. Pagoda Kyauktalon Taung is one of the most attractive places on the mountains. The pagoda will take a few moments to arrive. About 100 metres further on, you come to the country of Win Sein Taw Ya, which houses a 170-metre-long lying Buddha and is regarded as the biggest Buddha sculpture in the whole wide globe.

City of Mudon in Thanbyuzayat in the western part of the Death Road, constructed by fascists Japan, Thailand and Burma during World War II with a length of 415 km. Ten thousand detainees were killed in the construction of this train, among them jails from Australia, the Netherlands, the USA, Great Britain and all laborers from Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia.

This is a graveyard named Thanbyuzayat War in memory of 3771 deceased detainees, run by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Another memorial at the end of the railroad line in the town.

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