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City of Myanmar Mawlamyine

Beachville, Nähe NLD Township Office, Mawlamyine, Myanmar. In former times this city was the capital of the kingdom of Mon. Myanmar's southeast town of Mawlamyine (Burma). Because of its landscape, Mawlamyine is an ecotouristic attraction, but also rich in history, archaeology, mythology and religion. Myanmar, Mawlamyine, Mawlamyine City Tour.

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7 ] The name " Mawlamyine " is considered a falsification of the name Mon. In some notes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Moulmein was also written as a mouth. The scene of George Orwell's 1936 Memoiren shoot on Elephant is Mawlamyine. "At Moulmein, in Lower Burma, I was hate-the only times in my whole lives I was so important that it happened to me.

" Moulmein had a considerable Anglo-Burmese settlement during the British Empire. Part of the city was known as Little England because of the large Anglo-Burmese communities, many of which run natural caoutchouc farm. It' probably best known from the first few words of Rudyard Kipling's poet Mandalay:'At the old Moulmein pageant, which looks lazily at the ocean, there's a Myanmar woman on the settin', and I know she thinks of me'.

Following Burma's 1948 Independence, many of the city's street and park nicknames were transformed into more nationalist Myanmarian. This was Myanmar's third biggest city until the recent ascent of Nay Pyi Taw. Mawlamyine' s shampoo island. Motorbikes and Tuk-tuk (Thone Bee in Burma) are cumulative taxi registration in Mawlamyine.

There are also buses to Mawlamyine, most of which run from northern to southern direction. Allegedly constructed to the standard of an ASEAN rail terminal, Mawlamyine railroad stop is the terminal of the Bago-Mawlamyine Dawei line of Myanmar Railways from Yangon. Mawlamyine ( "Moulmein" at that time) was serviced by the British-India Steam Navigation Company and the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company in former years.

The rice and tea from the saw mills of Mawlamyine were imported by these carriers all over the world. Today, although in the past it has declined considerably, the transportation of goods by sea still has an important part to play in the connection between Mawlamyine and the immediate cities upriver. Between Mottama and the northern shore of Mawlamyine, a small islet, known as Gaungsay Kyun Island:

44 ] In settlement times, the city was known under the name of Crow Iceland as the home of all the city's crow. Situated on the northern shore of Mawlamyine, a small city was the first capitol of the Hanthawaddy Kingdom in the thirteenth and fourteenth century after the fall of the Pagan (Bagan) Empire in 1287.

Mottama was an important meeting place for Myanmar forces from Upper Burma to Ayutthaya during the Burmese-Siamese War between the sixteenth and eighteenth century. It is known for its exotic fruits[5] and for its cuisine[9], as the local term "Mandalay for talking, Yangon for boasting and Mawlamyine for eating" says.

" The best-known among them are the tropic fruit Mawlamyine PPomelo, DURAN and Rambutane, which are sold nationwide. The ultra-modern gas-fired CHP station in Mawlamyine was built as a cross-border project by Singapore's United Overseas Bank (UOB) with the support of Singaporean Asiatech Energy. 52 ] The Mawlamyine hydropower station ensures a sustained energy source for the inhabitants and companies in the state of Mon.

It is the final station to the east and is an important part of the East-West trade and industry route. This 1450 kilometre east-west trade lane connects the South China Sea near Da Nang with Mawlamyine through Laos and Thailand. The Japanese Nippon Express began overland transport between Thailand and Myanmar in 2016. Mon State Museum shows the old Mon monuments used by a Konbaung princeess who lived in Mawlamyine.

It has 13 state grammar colleges, two institutions, one colleges and three university. It is also home to southern Myanmar F.C., a Myanmar National League (MNL) team. One main street in Novena, Singapore and one street (Solok Moulmein) in George Town, Malaysia were given the old name of the city, Moulmein.

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