Myanmar Massage Yangon

Yangon Myanmar Massage

It' near Yangon University (click here to start the map). Spa and beauty are a big business in the tourism industry, and there are many luxury spas in Yangon. The Yangon Gay Massage Spa Guide. Locate the gay massage spas in Yangon, Myanmar. Yangon, Myanmar.

Massage Yangon Seats and Rates

These are the 2 best massage places in Yangon:. Ranging from a Thai full bodymassage for only 20,000 Kyat ($17) for 90 min to a Thai foot massage for only 13,000 Kyat ($11) for 75 min. Or, you can perform a "normal" massage such as an aromatic therapy massage for only 37,000 Kyat ($31), an Inya Signature massage for only 45,000 Kyat ($38), a Back & Shoulder massage for only 20,000 Kyat ($17) for 30 min, or even a 2-hand hot stone massage for 52,000 Kyat ($44) for 90 min.

Reception personnel to those who love their massage, especially the massage of the legs. When they walked through Myanmar for a few nights, their legs needed a rest and they couldn't have found a better place than the Inya Day Spa. And if you do not make an early booking, you may find that there is no job available and it would be a disgrace if you could not use this spa.

The Thaya Day Spa offers various kinds of massage containing only those items with naturally occurring substances. The Thaya Day Spa offers 13,000 Kyat ($11) Thai foot massage for 75 min. to help you unwind and energise your whole being.

They can also plan a Thai full bodymassage for 20,000 Kyat ($17) for 90 min, an aromatherapy massage for 37,000 Kyat ($31), a 2-hand hot stone massage for 52,000 Kyat ($44) for 90 min, or even a 4-hand hot stone massage for 63,000 Kyat ($53) for 90 min.

Wellness & Massage in Yangon

Like in other Asiatic lands, here too spectas and massages are loved, and those who like to relax deeply will love the Yangon health complex. Yangon's tourist sector is big buisness in terms of health and fitness, and there are many luxurious Yangon resorts. reflex zone massage, Swedish massage, aromatherapy,'anaite' massage, sea salt peeling, herbal peeling, etc.

Traditional massage, oil massage, traditional massage, facial massage, peeling, etc. The range includes a wide range of thermal and massage procedures, including the Jet Lag Revitalizer". Bodymassage, Footmassage, Bodycare, Bodypeeling and Bodymask. This is one of the best resorts in town, located in a Netherlands countryhouse.

They are manned by specialists from different nations and provide beauty and facial care. Bodymassage, peeling. Crystalline stone massage, Swedish massage, neck, shoulder and back massage, facials, peeling, etc. Bodytreatment, foot-treatment. On the second storey of Chatrium Hotel Yangon, Lilawadee Spa provides both, massage, oil massage, rubbing + oil massage, foot massage.

Situated on the second level of Hotel Sedona, Siam Spas offer a range of treatments including massage, aromatic massage, aroma therapy, feet massage, physical therapy, face treatments, etc. Spas and massages for pampering your face and lips, face treatments, reducing cellulites, massages for the feet, manicures & pedicures and grooming of your hairs. Feet massage, bodymassage, bodymanagement, body peeling, facework, etc.

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