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It''s no better than March in Myanmar, which is often considered the best time of the year to travel here. Burma - Challenges and opportunities. Kyauktada Myanmar, Sule Pagoda Road Yangon. Mrs. Lwin Mar Han Myanmar locomotive.

Ensuring a democratic future for Myanmar.

Myint elects Win Myint as new Myanmar Governor

Aung San Suu Kyi's closest colleague Win Myint has been a presenter in the lower chamber since 2012 and has been overturned for the top ten. However, his part will be largely formal, with Mrs Suu Kyi serving as de facto dean. At the beginning of last weeks Win Myint, 66, had been appointed Vice-President, another indication that he would take over the chair.

After the resignation of Htin Kyaw, the other two vice-presidents were Myint Swe, who acted as current chairman, and Henry Van Thio. According to a declaration published last weekend on the Presidency's Facebook page, Htin Kyaw, 71, is resigning to "take a break. Who' s Win Myint?

Burma Health Report 2013-2014: Looking into Myanmar's Emerging.... - Bennemar Shobert

This study also shows that the Myanmar health care product markets will triple by 2020. Part of the sharp rise in demand is attributable to the sharp rise in public expenditure on medicines and medicinal products. However, the challenge of entering Myanmar's health care markets remains. Via the company is a leader in the provision of Asian focused marketing expansion services.

Myanmar or Burma? Struggle for National Identity - Lowell Dittmer

Burma, also known as Myanmar, is a strategic location between China and India and is one of the biggest and richest states in Southeast Asia. Most of the reasons we are arguing have to do with an on-going fight for our country's nationhood. Composed from a singular point of view, this Myanmar novel differs from conventional authorship versus democracy dictatorship.

While this is certainly part of the image, this multi-faceted approach concentrates more on the question of forming identities, which all too often has not made the news.

The right to a Myanmar citizenship is analysed in terms of sex.

The 2014 census shows that almost a third of Myanmar's people do not have sufficient identification and civilian records. Fifty-four per cent of them are female. Woman living, being expelled or belonging to non-citizen ethnical and minority religions in isolated or conflict-affected areas are confronted with the effects of an uncertain juridical personality.

You cannot enroll your kids in schools, open a banking or free transportation, or sign up for nationalities. It analyses the issues of governance in Myanmar and its implementation in the context of the CEDAW.

In detail, it analyzes women's capacity to obtain nationality on an equivalent footing to men, their capacity to obtain, maintain or grant nationality after marriages, and their capacity to give nationality to their orphans. It underlines the regulatory and operational issues facing trafficking in human beings and suggests ways forward.

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