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F&B's main focus is on expanding the F&B franchise. Is Myanmar's market ever going to get going again? Its long name is the Union of Myanmar. The TVP Group (the "Group") is a local specialist firm in Myanmar, offering local companies and MNCs the highest standard of financial advice. The violence in Sri Lanka reflects the unrest in Myanmar:

Vocalist Daw Mar Mar Aye publishes certificate of separation

The former vocalist Daw Mar Mar Mar Aye celebrated her seventy anniversary on 25 July by publishing a Myanmar memorandum, which was featured in a regional journal from 1990. The Yin Phwint Kyae Par Tha Nge Chin (Dear Friend, Look Deeply into My Heart) was initially released in 20 parts in the Mahaythi mon.

Tales are rooted in a journal the writer has kept since 1970, after her announcement of her separation in various papers. Mr Mar Mar Mar Aye has been living in the United States since 1998 and is planning to come back to Myanmar at the end of the year. Meanwhile, a DVD of the author's work was presented at the Central Hotel in Yangon on 25 July.

"The journal was initially devoted to my favourite boy and my daughters because I wanted her to know what was happening between my man - her dad - and me. So, I wrote my tale further under the heading Tha Nge Chin Thot," she said. When she had completed her report, the tale included 12 120-page hand-written journals.

She was persuaded by a good old acquaintance to release the tale, and on June 30, 1973 an advertisement was even published in a regional paper. However, for some reason that Daw Mar Mar Aye did not declare, the volume was never published. Only in January 1990 the journal, which was now published by the writer for better legibility, was published in series in the journal Mahaythi and lasted 20-month.

It ends on page 258 when I go back to my parents' home (after the divorce)," she said, and added that if the reader reacted well to the script, she would "try to keep at it. It begins with Daw Mar Mar Aye's first few day at college and explains how she got to know her first friend and how they separated afterwards.

Even though the couple was initially fortunate, her spouse began to express doubt and cause trouble after the birth of their two orphans. As Daw Mar Mar Aye said, she was initially silent and did not tell others about her wedding troubles, but the picture got even more serious as her glory as a vocalist increased and her late married man began to blame her for travelling too much for her own travel.

Later Daw Mar Mar Aye worked in the radio division of Myanmar, a position her late husband wanted to make her retire. I knew her tale was going to be written in a journal, so I wanted to make it a book," said U Thein Lwin. On her return to Myanmar in December he added that he would like to release another of Daw Mar Mar Aye's books.

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