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It is one of Google's most ambitious developments. Maps & Google Earth. Several screenshots with Google Maps, which you can download for free. Airport Yangon Int'l (RGN) (Google Maps). The tallest building in Myanmar, Diamond Inya Palace, is under construction.

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GooglEarth is one of Google's most challenging development. Googles Earth uses amazing 3-D graphic technologies to display realistic surroundings and three-dimensional textures and crashes so far that in certain circumstances you don't know how to distinguish an air photo from a cyber visual. You can always shift and even zooming in certain areas to switch with the Streetview system and view 360-degree images at road level, in supplement to all the information provided by Maps.

In combination with the Google Maps architecture, you can display all kinds of visualisation levels, such as streets or sights, in the 3-D-image. There is no question that Google Earth is one of Google's greatest symbols when it comes to offering a high-quality and available online experience for the benefits of millions of people around the globe.

Whilst Google Earth has had its day, it is quite clear that it has slowed down over the years as it has been largely obscured by the functionality of Google Maps and the lack of new development in 3-D visualisation. A new, automatic 3-D view system for building and geographic characteristics was introduced two years ago to eliminate obsolete, manual uploading of 3-D statistical modelling.

Now, the latest release of Google Earth is light years ahead and offers an amazing user experience to help you discover the globe with unprecedented accuracy and detail and with additional features to help you discover far-flung places around the globe.

Myeik, Myanmar (Burma)

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