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Yangon Division Myanmar Map

Basic operational map of the Yangon Division, Myanmar. The Insein Prison is located in Yangon Division, near Yangon, the ancient capital of Myanmar. Myanmar Information Management Unit. There is adequate financial support here. Map, nearby places and general information about Yangon Division.

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Site Plans - Yangon Region (Yangon Division; Rangoon Division), Myanmar

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in the Yangon division. Paraguay (map, 2008)

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About Myanmar

Bago Division in the N and E, Gulf of Mottama in the S and Ayeyawady Division in the W, Yangon Division lies between 16Â 20' N and 17° 50' N and 95° 45' E longitude and 96Â 46' E longitude in the most S of the mainland.

Situated in the Bay of Bengal, the island's islands are part of the division. Area of the division is 3,927. 15 sq m. The Bago Yoma is running from northeast to southeast in the division. Mountains slowly fall to the southern side and form 500 ft above the surface. The Yangon Division has a tropic moonshine.

0°C. The day' s day' s rise from 100°C to 104°C. The colder seasons - December and January - have an mean of 77°C. The night''' night''' rise to 60°C. The division' s mean precipitation for the year is 103 inch. In 1999, the division had an expected 5,420,000 inhabitants.

The division is made up of different peoples. Burma is the primary country. The Yangon Division consists of four districts: Yangon East District, Yangon West District, Yangon North District and Yangon South District as well as 45 cities. It is the division's headquarters in Yangon City and Myanmar.

It' a harbor town. The Yangon Internacional Airport handles intercontinental air travel. The Yangon Division is home to most administrative building, university and industry. Periwinkle woods and various tree species are growing on the Bago Yoma mountains. Out of the 1. 4 million hectares of arable lands in the department, over 1.

The division has over 5,000 hectares of saisonal crops and almost 200,000 hectares of horticultural work. We also have a wide range of vegetables, flowers, coconuts, bananas and Nipas. It has many state, co-operative and privately held industry sectors that produce various types of food and welfare goods. It is the most important trade town for domestic and international goods.

There' a lot of big shrimp and seafood ranches in the department. Besides the Shwedagon Pagoda, considered one of the wonder of the word and the most exalted Theravada Buddhist Stupa, Yangon has other well-known figures such as Sule, Botahtaung, Meilamu, Kaba Aye, Maha Wizaya, Buddha's Tooth Relic and Abayalabamuni almore.

It has a zoo and many nice gardens. Religive celebrations take place all year round in the village or on the wards. The expansion of the capital included the construction of new satellites such as Dagon (south and north), Hlaingthaya, Shwepyitha and Shwepaukkan. It has many industry areas, as well as numerous hotel, market and large townhouses.

The 20-storey Traders Hotel, Sedona Hotel, Sofital Hotel, Nlya Yeik Nyo Royal Hotel, Yangon City Hotel and Summit Parkview are well known.

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