Myanmar Map Tattoo

Burma Map Tattoo

Burmese people have repeatedly told us that Myanmar "Tattoo Crazy! You can visit the Chin Villages in Myanmar and see the unique facial tattoos and markings of Chin women. China State is best known for its tattoo women. Look at this cool new YJI card. There' s a man getting a tattoo at the Full Moon Festival.

Burmese Ban's card tattoos under the waistline

Though the map of Myanmar is an abstracted picture, it has grace, and we should avoid such shame." Sadly, for the people of Myanmar, this is not a felony where proof can be readily erased.

Below the Belt Myanmar map could deserve prison time for the tattooed

Mandalay's prime Minister says that a tattoo on the map of the land on the lower part of the map could dishonour the state.

At a session of the National Assembly on Tuesday, Thein Lwin, representing the Pyigyi Tagon community, asked the Division's Supreme Judge, Ye Aung Myint, what could be done to stop populations from getting tattooed on the map of the state. Myint Ye Aung replied that such a tattoo could already be clandestine if placed under the waistline, under the State Seal Law, Thein Lwin said.

Burma's state seal law forbids anyone from shamefully using or damaging anything that symbolizes the land that contains the outlines of the state.

Burma's constitution also defends the Myanmar banner, state seals and the Burma nation hymn, but there is no special legislation on card use. "It' s okay for them to tattoo the map on the top of their bodies to show their passion for the world.

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