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They are now removed from the map in the truest sense of the word, in an apparently systematic clean-up. Maps of Pakokku, Magway, Myanmar and Pakokku travel guide. in Sagaing[map to Google Maps]. The search results are displayed directly on the satellite map. Have a look at pictures of staryangon and DiyDetour.


Tectonical and physiographical environment of Myanmar and surroundings. Tectonical characteristics of Myanmar and its surroundings. Errors amended according to Morley (2004); Mitchell et al., (2007); Searle and Morley (2011); Watkinson et al. (2011); Soe Thura Tun and Maung Thein (2012); Ridd and Watkinson (2013). This is a strike-slip error, i.e. the encrusted parts on both sides glide laterally past each other without a wide-ranging upright movement.

A strick-skid defect is usually a subvertical plane, such as slices through the croc. Probably the best known slippage error on Earth is the San Andreas error in the West of the USA (e.g. Wallace, 1990). None of the two errors move evenly at the specified hatching ratio. It tends to stay closed for many years until enough tension has accumulated to get over the rubbing on the defect.

Earthquakes release all these voltages, and the sides of the error glide a few decimetres past each other, according to how much progress has been made since the last one. There are five big strikeslip errors from all over the globe on the same order of magnitude. There is a small seismic area, generally flat in the West and up to 600 km in depth in the South, stretching from the Sumatran Rift in the South to the Andaman Rift in the South and under Westburma.

This earthquake is connected to the ocean part of the India tectonic plates, which was subduced into the earth's surface (e.g. Kundu and Gahalut, 2012). The following table shows the sites of the last ten years of the earthquake greater than strength 4 for the area. To Hurukawa and Phyo Maung Maung (2011).

Myanmar's second largest town, Mandalay, and the new capitol Nay Pyi Taw are 260 km apart. Earthquakes in the near term (Hurukawa and Phyo Maung Maung, 2011). Myanmar's economic and metropolitan populations are currently expanding at a rapid pace, with new, poorly built multi-storey concreted structures in Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw and elsewhere.

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