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Burma Map Pdf

Irrigation Areas Global Map. Survey of India in Myanmar. UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) projection topographic maps. PDF, Svg Scalable vector city map Yangon. Burma city map of Myanmar Yangon or Rangoon.

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Subjects critical for children and girls

Around 1.2 million still need relief after the 2008 hurricane, and only 43 percent of the delta's population has proper sanitary shelter. Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Nargis in May 2008, some 1.2 million vulnerable populations in nine cities still need relief.

Despite advances made in 2009 in support of those affected by the catastrophe, the cyclon-affected areas' economies have reduced the need for primary schooling, healthcare and diet. Moreover, the gradual rebuilding of local public and private healthcare institutions means that too many students still have to go to and even drop out of provisional schooling.

Food and health: Emergencies affect all infants under five years of age and 100,000 expectant and breastfeeding mothers, benefiting from better nutritional services resulting from better case handling and serious acute undernourishment, dietary monitoring, nutritional supplements, and nutritional and healthcare training. Waste Waters and Hygiene (WASH):

In addition, the problems of drought is solved by building ponds and distributing ceramics for collecting stormwater at home. Formation: Parental control: Childrens and wives affected by the catastrophe, whether through segregation, child labour or home violence, are receiving better psycho-social assistance through communications material, professional development and a local self-help groups of 158.

All 158 places affected by the catastrophe are strengthening notification, surveillance and response schemes for breaches of the law against violence against women as well as under-achievers.

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