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Lake Inle is one of Myanmar's most popular destinations, famous for its floating gardens and stilts. Willkommen bei Myanmar (Burma) Vektor-Logo. burma map icon logo myanmar symbol vector welcome. Myanmar's map is colorfully painted like a rainbow. This is the official description and meaning of the logo: Myanmar's map is colorfully painted like a rainbow.

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Myanmar Hospitality & Leisure Gateways

One of Myanmar's most popular travel destination, Inle is known for its swimming pools and stilts. Inhabitants of the Intha have a singular way of living, their whole community lies at the lakeside. Balloon services over Inle provide early every day mornings over the beautiful Shan Yoma area.

Ballooning over the Inle is a truly one-of-a-kind way to enjoy one of Myanmar's natural and cultured treasures. Take a flight over the mighty Inle-See. A luxurious all-round adventure for our clients, we are currently the biggest provider of 14 different types of thermal balloons: 12 over the endless Bagan and 2 in the Inle lake area.

French Development Agency

Burma is the biggest in Southeast Asia. After a long phase of economic and social segregation, the state embarked on a policy and democracy reform in 2011. In economic terms, the Republic of Myanmar can rely on a wealth of resources (minerals, hydro-carbons, forests), developing tourist potentials and a high level of interregional economic development - the Republic has been a member of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) since 1997 and has maintained good ties with its neighbours in China and India.

However, despite these benefits and the continuing rate of economic expansion since the beginning of the country's democratization process, Myanmar's economic development is still largely dependent on farming, which accounts for 29% of its GNP.

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