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Burma Map Logo

Free Myanmar Map vector logo and icons in AI, EPS, CDR, SVG, PNG formats. There is a map of Burma in the middle and a star on the seal. We organize sailing holidays in Myanmar at Burma Boating. Regional reference map Asia-Pacific: Explore Myanmar's past on historical maps.

The Karuna Mission for Social Solidarity | Home

The Karuna Mission Solidarity (KMSS) is a religious community organization serving the Catholic Church of Myanmar. KMSS was founded and commissioned by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Myanmar (CBCM) as a welfare agency for the impoverished and destitute, following the Catholic principle of the Catholic doctrine "Option for the Poor".

Each of the Church's missions focuses on integral mankind and on the attainment of justice and peace, the environment, humanity and aid. The KMSS is a group of 16 diocesan bureaux (Dos) and a national office in Yangon (NO).

Myanmar Hospitality & Leisure Gateways

We organize yachting vacations in Myanmar at Burma Boating. You can also hunt empty sands for chills, drinks or even small game. It is your option and it is simple with Burma Boating. Myanmar Boating was formed by a group of keen yachtsmen who were fascinated when we first set sail in the Myanmar water.

Discover untouched isles, wonderful sands and inviting humans.

Weather in Myanmar Mountain

Myanmar Meteorological Map below shows the next 10 day forecasts. Use the slider under the map to navigate the animations. Choose from the other forecasting charts (right) to see large-screen animated images of temperatures, clouds, wind and rainfall for this area.

The latest meteorological, thermal, weather data and reports from current meteorological monitoring systems can also be found under "Live Weather". Print: Wind: Gage: Statistical meteorological charts of Myanmar with winds, rainfall, temperature and clouds.


Myanmar, an upcoming growth region, is becoming more and more regarded as a strategic region with many challenges. Of course, in a land that has said goodbye to the tyranny, economic information and the collection of proof are difficult. As the IP application system is partially operational, we register trademarks for customers to obtain further royalties for the trademark system underway.

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