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In the western corner, the yellow striped section shows the approximate location of Rohingyas in Myanmar, among the country's other ethnic groups. Please click into a red rectangle to see photos. myanmar map.JPG. The Golden Myanmar Hotel is a good choice for travelers to Nay Pyi Taw and offers a relaxed and stress-free stay.

The Myanmar startups represent the past, shaping the future with virtual reality. Series of maps to support the local economy in Myanmar.

MEYANMAR - Map My Adventure

Be it Burma or Myanmar, we will talk about the mythical empire of Bagan, the birthplace of today's country and a major landmark in Southeast Asia. That' s why Myanmar is seducing even the strictest and smartest travelers in Asia. Finally it seems that Myanmar (or Burma), determined on the road to democratization, and the eternal smiles and goodness of its people, look broader and more sincere than ever before.

Burma has two major multinational airfields, Yangon and (less operationally) Mandalay. It is a utopic and eternal land populated by the amphibian Intha, "the kids of the lake", towns, shrines, orchards and marketplaces that all swim on the lakes. Embedded in this fantastic area are a thousand monasteries, shrines, pagodas civilizations and stupa built between the 10th and 13th c.

In spite of the atrocities of Myanmar's Myanmar army regime, the place still has all its charm and will quickly cast a spell over anyone fortunate enough to encounter its well-trodden trails. Mt Popa, 60 km from Bagan, can be reached on a full excursion from Bagan. Discover the sanctuaries and caves of MONYWA: 136 km western of Mandalay on the way to Bagan la monywa.

One of its main features is the Thambottay Temple, a series of buddhistic shrines with a main stupa similar to that of Borobudur in Indonesia and more than 800 smaller one. For example, there is another Bagan in the state of Rakhine, in the western part, not far from the Bangladesh frontier.

This is not even the Andaman Sea, which is bathing further southwards in Thailand - so it is not possible to really guess the number of postcards and the opportunities for scuba or snorkeling in this area. Myanmar is the best place to mix with the world.

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