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List of the station card under the menu item "Station office". Locate the perfect Myanmar Map Stock video, B-Roll and other HD material from iStock. Wellcome to our SVG map directory! To select a card you need, use the list below. There are two levels of detail for all maps:

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When you like one of the cards, please don't keep it to yourself. Cards of Burma are just a few of the many available. Obtain Burma tickets for free. It is easy to fetch, printout or integrate Burma map files into your website, your weblog or your presentations. Same look and feel for any browser and platform.

However, it is still very little in comparison to what you can see on a trip to Burma. Visiting Burma. Myanmar and its region have much to do. It is not possible to record all the beauties in the cards. Through our partner you can get up to 50% discount on your reservation in many Burmese towns and countrys.

Geographical Information System, GIS Map

Record surveying information on the floor or by installation of cameras with cameras on bicycles, motorcycles and coaches. After you receive the questionnaire information, keep the information in the back-up storage on the servers. Input of surveying datas from the soil surveying with connection datas from the surveying questionnaire and datas from the GIS in Microsoft.

You can download and convert your surveying cameras on your bicycle, motorbike and car to JPEG using the Registrator Viewer application. For these JPEGs, do the input in Microsoft. Scanning the station card you have been given by the respective office. Geo-reference and input of datas directly in the GIS-system.

Correctness of the information or duplication. Verify that the catagories that have been set up for information in progress are accurate or not. Ensure that you do not have duplicated information by using ArcMap and Microsoft Office. Repeat the poll for POIs that are not safe or in order. Use the export function in No. 3 to make this verified information available so that it can be used in GIS and design maps.

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