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There is no need for an expensive data plan to use this GPS map application while driving. The Myanmar (Burma) travel guide is available for download on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Download offline maps for free and secure. Complimentary software for viewing offline map data. You can download Burma map floor vector.

Burma / Myanmar Maps for free

Please be aware that full sized and resolutions may not appear on the website. In order to store the cards on your computer, right-click on the map file. Unless otherwise noted, these cards are provided by the University of Texas Library and/or the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Much of these cards were provided by the University of Texas Library.

We have been on-line since 1996 and have produced 1000 pages. In 1996, we produced the first ever on-line map of hazardous chemicals.

Offline-Maps - Download

Outline Maps is a convenient PC-based tool that offers exactly what the cover implies. If necessary, the user has immediate and immediate acces to off-line map information. Downloading and activating this program is free. Outline Maps is very simple to use and resembles Google Maps in many ways.

User can input information such as a metropolis, geographical area, geographical area, geographical or even a metropolitan area. Conventional roads are available, but topographic mapping is also possible; a great advantage for walking or off-road adventures. If required, coatings can be added to obtain a deeper view of a specific area.

In contrast to other maps like Google Maps, Offline Maps requires little storage space. The Offline Maps 1.4.3 works with most older Windows OS.

Burma (also known as Burma)

Offered on this repository, the resulting file does not contain the usernames, UIDs, and change set identifiers of the OSMs. Those Meta information boxes contain personally identifiable information about our employees and are governed by the European Union's privacy policy. It is important to remember that these rules also cover non-EU operations, as some of our employees are based in the European Union.

Excerpts with full meta information are only available for staff members of OffenStreetMap. myanmar-latest.osm.pbf, for osmium, osmosis, impressm, om2pgsql, mkgmap and more. Last changed 19hrs ago, this document contains all OSM information until 2018-07-08T20:00:02Z. Filesize: 72 Mbytes; MD5 Sum: 7d6e9fe136c1f88d230b8344faa480a2., returns a number of ESRI compliant form fields when unpacking.

The last time this document was changed was 19hrs ago. Filesize: 166 Mbytes; MD5 total: myanmar-latest.osm.bz2, returns OSM XML when decompressing; for applications that cannot handle the.pbf standard. The last change to this was 3 working nights ago. Filesize: 144 Mbytes; MD5 Sum: c9181b0b0b78ccfd27696cfa9f06110d34. myanmar-intern.osh.pbf The story files contains myanmar-intern.osh.pbf and is only available on the local machine.

This is a.poly filename describing the size of this area.

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