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Travel books, maps, luggage, accessories and clothing from a single source as well as a travel agency. The map of South Asia contains extraordinary details such as sights, dams and ruins as well as cities and geographic features. Burma's mineral industry (Myanmar). Full street coverage of Myanmar with thousands of business listings and other attractions. Yangon City Tour Bus: AI LINK.

On Southeast Asia Region

located between the Arabian Ocean (in the west) and the Pacific Ocean (in the east). The other is the Malay Archipelago, or Maritime Southeast Asia, which is the area of:: Together with the sub-continent of India and the lowlands of South China, Southeast Asia constitutes the Indomalaya eco-zone, one of the eight large eco-zones that covers the earth's expanse.

This is a klickable overview of the Southeast Asian states. Please click on the card to get to the relevant information page or use the following link. You will find countrymaps on the corresponding pages.

Southwest Asia and the Pacific

The following are some of the major peer-reviewed papers and chapter from the Minerals Yearbook Volume III: Area Reports-International-Asia and the Pacific. The purpose of these audits is to supply up-to-date statistics on minerals in various nationalities. Every bulletin contains paragraphs on governance policy and programmes, environment, trade and manufacturing information, industrial structures and property, resource trends, infrastructures and a comprehensive view.

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East Asia Map. Burma. ???????????

Japanesese-style World War II card. East Asia Maps. Burma. This is a 1943 or Showa 18 Japanese-maps of Burma / Myanmar. It shows the area from India to China and Thailand and from China to the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are also contained.

It is the number 7 in a 20-card card collection produced by the Japanes, reflecting what the Emperor's of Japan called the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, reflecting Japan's empire's empire ambition from the 1930s to the end of the Second World War.

A 6.0 magnitude seismic strikes Myanmar: USGC

Rangoon: A powerful 6.0 magnitude seismic attack affected a isolated corner of the country early Friday (January 12), according to the US Geological Study. According to the USGS, the flat tremor affected Pyu about 40 kilometers due to the city. This was followed by three less severe shocks in the area, all with a strength of 5.3, the poll reports.

"There' s a low probability of losses and damage," USGS said, but noted that housing in the area is usually susceptible to earthquakes. This epicenter was situated in a thinly settled area between the northern Nay Pyi Taw, the capitol, and the southern Yangon trade center, at least 150 kilometers away.

Seismic activity is relatively frequent in Myanmar, where six major 7.0 or more tremors occurred between 1930 and 1956 near the Sagaing Fault, which, according to the USGS, ran from the North-South across the state. In 2016, a massive 6.8 GHz quake in the old city of Bagan in the heart of Myanmar destroyed three lives and the towers and bursting ramparts of the city.

Another strong 6.8 gauge quake in November 2012 shook the center of the nation, claiming 26 lives and wounding several hundred of them. Myanmar's rapid rate of growth, coupled with fragile infrastructures and bad land-use plans, has made even the country's most populated areas susceptible to seismic and other cataclysm.

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