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Burma Map App

Charts GPS navigation Directions Location Live. SHOULD have APP while travelling in Myanmar / Burma! Utilize GPS with offline maps, and have all the necessary information non-stop on your iPhone! You' re about to download Myanmar GPS Map Latest APK for Android, no expensive data plan is needed to use this GPS map app during your trip. The Myanmar Map is a free and ingenious travel & local app.

Myanmar (Burma) travel guide in the App Store

SHOULD have APP while travelling in Myanmar / Burma! Since in Myanmar there is almost no such thing as the..... Burma is finally opening up to the outside worlds! Discover this wonderful and rapidly evolving land! We' ve travelled through Burma and we know exactly how important it is to have accurate information in a land without it!

The app has content: - Accommodation, restaurant, sights, travelling and more:: Please note: All contents are in German only! Our information and photographs from travels, open contents from well-known resources such as Wikipedia, Wikitravel and Openstreetmap are used. Are you looking for recommendations for 5* hotel or restaurant, you will not find them here.

Encouraging tourists to try new, small, familiar places or places that are not listed in any guidebook. Contribute to the spreading of the riches in this impoverished state! The app has a great deal of useful information for tourists in Burma and great off-line maping. I have seen a bunch of such applications criticized for only delivering information that can be found on the web, but I recall that Burma still has quite restricted web connectivity and no information for the traveler, so it's great to have it all in your pockets.

Burma is a captivating land! Vendor AIRapps, s. r. o. needs 7.1 or higher installed on his computer. Up to six members of the same application can use it with activated sharing.

Myanmar Map Appliance

I just got back from Myanmar to say that my mate and I were downloading the app Maps. me before our journey, and it was SUPER HELP in Myanmar. With the app you can downlaod a map of Myanmar, where you can see where you are using your Myanmar satellite navigation system, and we've found that it's very precise and precise in the places we've been to:

Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake and Mandalay. This was especially useful in Bagan, as the map showed many of the country lanes and streets where you can continue on the e-bikes. So we could stay with our explorations above all on these side streets without being afraid to get wasted or to turn around.

As I have already said elsewhere, I will try to do a more in-depth account of our journey in the near future. Hopefully this app can also be useful for others travelling to Myanmar. Remark: We also used for a days in Bangkok, and it was a little less useful and precise there.

For Bangkok Google was better.

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