Myanmar Map 2016

Burma Map 2016

Disaster alarms map of the last 4 days. Earthquake Map of Myanmar Aug 24 2016. Burma - Map - Tourism - Travel restrictions - 2016 - JPEG. BYANMAR OIL AND GAS ACTIVITIES / PLANTS MAP 2015. Burmese Oil Gas 2015 FREE151007.

Boycott to boom? Socio-Ecological Map of Myanmar's Garment Industry in 2016

C&A Foundation mandated Impactt - a consulting firm specializing in ethics trading, labor norms and labor law - to investigate the social and ecological impacts of the Myanmar apparel industry's rapid expansion. The EU and the US have lifted their penalties against Myanmar since 2011 through a range of policy and macroeconomic reform.

Consequently, the value of the clothing sector has increased from $538 million in 2011 to $1,460 million in 2015. During this period, the number of workplaces and plants has more than doubled, and by 2020 the sector is expected to have an exports value of 8 to 10 billion US dollars and provide employment for 1,500,000 people.

Although seen as a broadly favourable trend, concern was expressed about low salaries, excessive working time, the use of children and the environment impacts of the sectors, particularly in view of the rapid pace of industrial expansion. Research has focused both on the questions that concern clothing professionals most and on how to mitigate the environment impacts of the area.

Research and stakeholder discussions have shown that environment questions around the environment of drinking and wastewater can be classed as redundant, while solids and power are classed as halogen. A number of recommandations for individuals, corporations and governments are included in the review, including - Support for environment working groups to reinforce and maintain the commitment.

It contains a number of suggestions for the benefit of individuals, businesses and governments, among them actions to increase sector visibility, with a focus on the aspects of equality and women's rights and more. In 2016, C&A began to support programs in Myanmar and is looking at further partnering possibilities in the areas of employee development and visibility in the Myanmar apparel sector.


The lengthy inter-ethnical and governmental clash has affected some 863,000 individuals..... There are restrictions on accessing vulnerable groups in these countries. Rakhine's discriminatory treatment of the Muslim Rohingya has led to prolonged expulsions. Internally displaced persons in Rakhine have restricted service provision and are restricted to stock.

Tension between the Rohingya and the Myanmar army has been escalating since October 2016 and accessibility has continued to deteriorate...... In August 2017, the escalation of the economic downturn continued, causing Rohingya's biggest move to neighboring Bangladesh to date. On 6.4.10 INFORM is measuring the risks of a human catastrophe and crises in Myanmar.

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