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Many people are working to achieve zero hunger. Burmese Buddhists and many unreached mountain tribes are urgently calling on ASAP-sponsored church planters and medical missionaries. The Myanmar army and ethnic armed groups both laid anti-personnel mines or landmine-like weapons. So many possibilities, like his breakfast. There were so many temples in Bagan that you could spend a month here and not see them all.

Rohingya face'brutal sex attacks' by Myanmar armed services - UN | World News

According to a new UN Secretary-General António Guterres, many of the almost 700,000 Rohingya Muslims who have escaped from Myanmar have been exposed to sexually motivated attacks by the country's military force. Guterres' account, which will be debated by the UNSC on Monday, states that in Bangladesh, where many of the Rohingya have escaped, many of the escapees have document that "bear the bodily and mental scar of violent sex assaults".

Mr. gutterres said that the attacks were reportedly committed by Myanmar's troops, "sometimes in consultation with municipal militia, as part of the October 2016 and August 2017 clearance missions. "The common threats and use of sexually assaulted persons were an integrated part of this policy and served to demean, terrorize and collective punishment the Rohingya communities in order to coerce them into fleeing their home countries and preventing their return," he said.

Myanmar's Buddhist minority does not recognize the Rohingya as an ethnical group and insists that they are Bengali immigrants from Bangladesh who live in Myanmar unlawfully. "It has been violent against females, as well as pregant females who are regarded as guardians and propagandists of ethnical identities, and against young offspring representing the group', Guterres said.

Guterres' account comes when Myanmar on Saturday the first Rohingya familiy patrized by the escapees to Bangladesh. Following month-long discussions with Dhaka and UN warning that Myanmar was not prepared to accept her back, the administration said that "five members of a Moslem family" had reached a refuge center in the state of Rakhine.

Myanmar's military is one of 51 groups of governments, rebels and extremists in Guterre's account that are "credibly suspected" of rape and other sexually assaulted in war. Mr Guterres said most of the casualties were "politically and financially marginalized females and girls" in isolated, less-accessible areas of the countryside, as well as in centres for refugees and IDPs.

He said many females, among them Rohingya fugitives, are reluctant to revert to the positions they escaped, where powers reside in the rudder along with would-be felons.

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