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The Sky Man Hotel offers a restaurant in Yangon. Have to see breathtaking photos of Myanmar that are guaranteed to put it on your bucket list. Oh, man, that makes us sooo happy to hear - you don't even know. INCE LEAKE, Myanmar Intha man demonstrates leg growth. Fishing and travelling on the lake in Myanmar.

Photographs of the Myanmar juvenile scene from the 70s to the 90s

The Myanmar Photo Archive was created in 2013 by Lukas Birk, a wealth of photographs from the famous South East Asia people. The Myanmar Photo Archive was created in 2013 by Lukas Birk, a wealth of photographs from the famous South East Asia people.

Myanmar, a south-eastasian nation, has long been surrounded by secrets and intrigues. "We have this notion that the land was and to a certain degree was isolated from the outside worlds - but certain things always come through," betrays the Viennese filmmaker and filmmaker Lukas Birk. Birk founded the Myanmar Photo Archives (MPA) in 2013 to build a vast archives of Myanmar photographs working between 1890 and 1995.

With around 10,000 photos, it offers an insight into the country through the citizen's eye. Some of the works are presented in the new Burmese Photographers (Goethe Institut Yangon), which contains intriguing sections on young people's cultures between 1970 and 1990. "I found a bunch of personal photos, and I really wanted a centralized work from a photo lab where the resulting work is very particular to the town where it was taken," Birk states.

Whilst photo stitchers had discarded old photographs and negative prints, Birk was fortunate enough to meet the Bellay Photo Factory, opened by Burma based Har Si Young in 1963. In spite of (or precisely because of) the country's current economic and social crises, the photo agency became an haven in which young men and girls could unfold freely in the magic haven of the photo agency.

In the 80s and 1990s, Sann Aung became known in Yangon for his color photography, which encompassed the sensitivity of music. In 1998, Sann Aung opened several stores in Siek Kan Thar and Yuzana Plaza, where he was the exclusive distributors of Kodak and Agfa-Movie. With the US imposing penalties on Myanmar and Kodak, Sann Aung established a relationship with Konica and continued to do busines.

Bellyay Studio. Yangon, seventies. Recorded by Har Si Yone, Bellay Photo Studio, Yangon in 1970. "Sann Aung' s archives are no more. Only the photos I used in the script because he really did print them in big print - those are well-known artists and artists who were created for calendars," remarks Birk.

Myanmar photographers is a pioneering book that changes our attitude towards Myanmar. "There is always a need to express yourself, to be imaginative and to do something more than what you have in front of you," Birk remarks. Recorded by U Sann Aung, USA Photo Studio, Yangon 1989/1990. Learn more about the Burmese photographers at the Goethe Institute Yangon.

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