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Burma may Airway

Locate the best Myanmar Airways International tickets, book your flight and fly with Myanmar Airways International at the lowest cost. The national airline Myanmar Airways International benefits from the increase in international arrivals via its home base Yangon In. Articles about MAI-Myanmar Airways International written by Bruce Drum. Evaluate your experience with Myanmar Airways International (MAI) - See Airline & Safety Ratings for Myanmar Airways International (MAI). MAY Airline is the best service.

Meyanmar Airways International - Information about airfares, offers and charges

We can only serve up to 10 airfields at the same day..... If we' re offering trip through the ages, we'll let you know. Timeshifter, huh? All we can do is handle your flight within the next 12 month, you're much better organized than we are. Searching for locations cannot be used in combination with certain data.

Intl Web Check-In, Myanmar Intl Online Check-In

You can now make your check-in in Myanmar directly from your home or work. Online check-in accelerates your check-in procedure by allowing you to register and printout your Boarding Card directly from your computer.

You can also use Web Checking In to pre-register your baggage, choose your seating, meals (if available) and much more before departing for your plane. For Myanmar Intl Web Check-in. Where can I make a reservation? Expressway1 touch reservation - the quickest way to get your tickets.

MobileNow booking your flight and hotel on the go!

Allow Myanmar Airways International Deals - Rabatte auf Myanmar Airways International Fl├╝ge

The MAI flights between Yangon and Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Gaya, Guangzhou, Korea, Japan and Mandalay - Gaya - Mandalay. The MAI is the sole beneficiary of the IATA Operational Safety Audit Program (IOSA) Operators in Myanmar. At the special business-class desk we provide a range of premier check-in facilities with additional free luggage at Singapore and Yangon airports.

Warm food was provided on our A319/A320s.

Burma Airways International Airline Profil

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